Yesterday Medina, today Istanbul: Defending the homeland is our duty - HASAN ÖZTÜRK

Yesterday Medina, today Istanbul: Defending the homeland is our duty

On the one side, there is the U.S. which embraces the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and supplies weapons, equipment and even missiles to the PKK's Syrian wing, the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

On the other side, there is Europe which protects the PKK and threatens Turkey with embargo.

On yet another side, there are stateless global powers which use Daesh like a monkey wrench.

They evaded with random condemnation

What might the U.S. think about the Beşiktas terror act as a power which protects the FETÖ in Pennsylvania, reacted to the July 15 coup attempt hours later and regards the PYD as a land force?

What might Germany really think about the bomb attack on our mobile police forces? It protects the PKK and allows all kinds of its activities, provides a temporary passport to Can Dündar, who stands trial over terror accusations in Turkey, and protects him.

How might Brussels evaluate the twin bomb attacks in Beşiktaş? It ignored Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) militant Fehriye Erdal for 21 years, has filed a sham lawsuit on her and does not accept the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) as a terror organization.

What might France think about the terror act that claimed 44 lives? It hosts PKK and PYD militants like heroes at the Élysée Palace?

What kind of an attitude might global powers adopt on the PKK's bloody terror act on our police? Despite having no states, they use terror groups like their army.

We can ask more and more questions.

But all questions have a common answer: Superficial condemnations and random explanations.

They have an eye on our homeland, sic their dogs on us

I must note something else. All these countries and structures have rascals inside who serve others – who Istanbul Police Chief Mustafa Çalışkan calls “dogs.”

They tattered our region. They tattered Libya and turned Syria and Iraq into a bloodbath.

They were not satisfied and have their eyes on Turkey now.

They all swooped down on us through proxy terror organizations and their “dogs” among us to make our country like Iraq, Syrian and Libya.

They tried to stage coups through FETÖ several times. Most recently, they attacked the nation with aircraft, bombs and machine guns on July 15.

They turned our eastern and southeastern cities into a bloodbath through the PKK which has been shedding blood for 30 years. They were not satisfied with this, and attempted to siege the country from the south through the PYD.

They tried to treat us like in any Middle Eastern country.

The nation is responding to all this with its sagacity. Our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan challenges with his firm stance and rhetoric.

Those who regard us as any country in our region and try to crumble us are striving to intensify the war through bastards and traitors who serve others inside the country. The latest terror act in Beşiktaş is an example of this.

If we are asked, “What is the fight against great powers?” we answer, “We experienced this many times before.” If we are asked, “What is the attempt to subdue us through domestic traitors?” we answer, “We experienced this many times. Remember the siege of Medina.”

We have not forgotten dates and incidents where they shattered us through traitors and bastards among us. Remember!

Lawrence set the Sharif of Mecca against us in the past; the West sets the PKK against us today

Some Arab tribes fooled and organized by T. E. Lawrence bothered us in Hejaz in the past.

Organizations like FETÖ and the PYD, guided by figures like Michael Rubin and Henry Berkeley, are bothering us in Anatolia today.

But they do not know how we fought until the last breath and how we resisted traitors among us and their masters in our history.

Let us look at what Fahreddin Pasha wrote in his diary while bidding farewell to our prophet after the siege of Medina 100 years ago:

"It was worth seeing that soldiers, some of them remained armless and some legless, bade farewell by paying the last visit to the Great Mosque of Mecca and facing the ar-Rawda al-Mutahhara helping each other in a sluggish manner. Some so-called Arabs, fed by British gold and made to nurse a grudge toward Turks, could not hold their tears in the face of this view. Local Arabs, who stayed in Medina with us and suffered all sorts of distresses of the siege, including hunger, were crying together in a mournful manner.”

The British mind which tried to seize Medina and Hejaz through domestic traitors in the past are trying to seize Istanbul and Ankara through the traitors in our midst.

However, the nation, regardless of whether they are Turk, Kurd, Laz, Circassian, Bosnian or Abkhasian, shows total resistance against those traitors holding Turkish flags.

This time, we will not give the opportunity to those who tattered us with those who betrayed us a century ago.

We will defend Istanbul, Anatolia and the entire homeland, as we defended Medina in the past.

Those who have doubts and fears should withdraw from among us.

If they face toward us, we have burnt our ships on this path.

I wish mercy for our 44 people who died in the Beşiktaş bomb attack and all other victims. I extend my condolences to our honorable nation.


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