At the headquarters a thousand days later - HASAN ÖZTÜRK

At the headquarters a thousand days later

Let us continue on the issue of whether there will be a purge, revision or consensus at the Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

It has been quite some time since we pursued the question of how the black propaganda carried out both inside and outside Turkey through President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's spread to the AK Party.

We can understand the enmity Erdoğan's political rivals have toward him. We can also understand the anti-Turkey stance taken toward Erdoğan by those who do not want Turkey to make decisions on its own in the international domain and become “independent.”

However, what we cannot understand is what kind of mindset produces “opposition” at the least against a leader who has founded the AK Party and has marked his name in the Turkish politics of the last 15 years. I said “opposition” at the least. I could have said enemy. I will not say it for the time being.


I am not talking about criticizing Erdoğan. Nor am I talking about saying, “I do not agree with you on this matter.” Because I am aware that the AK Party has a power like no other party concerning consultation and common thinking. Developing policies based on the results of public opinion polls conducted almost every week; discussions at vast consultation committees like the Central Decision Board (MKYK) and Central Executive Board (MYK); thoughts being openly stated at the Council of Minister; and most importantly, Erdoğan listening relentlessly at meetings.

I would like to share a few things that I remember from a few of the meetings I witnessed.

I personally witnessed President Erdoğan listen carefully for hours to every single statement made by the participants at a few of the meetings we also attended, personally take notes, almost word for word, and if the participant had a question, he would never skip that question and answer it.

This quality of Erdoğan is actually known best by his fellow companions on this path.

But heaven knows why, upon his being elected president, we saw many moves aimed at removing the AK Party and Erdoğan out of the area of influence.


I am not going to go in to detail. However, we need to remember that those who are making plans these days to divide Syria and Iraq and establish a new Israel want to “make an operation” on Turkey, Erdoğan and the ruling AK Party that transformed Turkey.

I believe that a move is being made, because they saw that the AK Party, under the influence of Erdoğan, and hence, Turkey, will not accept the views of the former U.S. secretary of state, who said, “The borders of 22 countries in the Middle East are going to change.”

I believe that those who are planning to build a new Israel in the Middle East also have influenced certain centers within the AK Party.

Hence, I think everything that was done during the propaganda period, going back to June 7, 2015 elections need to be reviewed once more.

In brief, President Erdoğan is aware that he is a political actor that transformed Turkey with close to 50 percent of the vote from the country's ruling AK Party; got from the people. He is also aware that those who want to tear that party away from its founding leader and place it on a different course and that those who opened that course have serious plans concerning Turkey's perpetuity.

That is why the gap between the leader and his party was closed first after Nov. 1, 2015, then on April 16, 2017 with the great efforts of Erdoğan and those who believe in him.

Erdoğan is returning to his party and this return is ruining mostly the games of those surrounding Turkey.

A new period is starting now.

Today, Erdoğan is returning to the AK Party after a separation that lasted a thousand days.

As he returns, he knows who did what during the June 7 process. He knows who disturbed the rhythm, who dragged their feet, who did nothing but burden a few people with the responsibility while they wanted to enjoy the benefits during the April 16 referendum period. The AK party will be purged of those people.

Erdoğan, who will be the chosen chairman of the party at the AK Party's Emergency Assembly to gather on May 21. He has already shown his party the real goal, on the evening of April 16th, the local and presidential elections to be held in 2019.

Those who know how to “wait” will take stage again in the AK Party, the party of the masses. There will be surprise returns. Erdoğan will show us once more what “consensus” means.

A friend who knows Ankara well said, “The AK Party's bar is now 50+1 percent.”


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