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April 16: Turkey's struggle for independence

Supposedly, Turkey is not under the threat of division. Supposedly, no one in the East or the West wants to divide Turkey. Supposedly, Turkey has no perpetuity issue. It is questioned, who is making up such nonsense? Supposedly, this is paranoia, non... more

The black spot on the target board

Perhaps the most painful aspect of the asymmetric warfare is to be under friendly fire without being able to say it. In the asymmetric war, the rhetoric of propaganda vehicles is based on not being able to tell the truth. When the fifth column is in... more

'Fifth column' in asymmetric warfare activated

In a sense, “Sevres” means “Great Armenia, Great Kurdistan, the Republic of Ionia.” “Sevres” means detaching Istanbul's Marmara from Turkey with the excuse of the straits. It means traveling to Istanbul, Diyarbakır, İzmir, Gaziantep and Kars with pas... more

Globalists revealed with Pizza Gate

As you know, a matter called Pizza Gate was swept under the carpet. I would at least like it to go down in the records. I am one of those who does not see the power of esoterism in world hegemony as a “conspiracy theory.” I believe that those who set... more

If a FETÖ indictment is prepared through informants

During the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer (Balyoz) cases, perception management was carried out using “informants.” Some had open identities, some had code names, as there were “secret witnesses” who made use of the “active remorse” law. Thus, the public... more

Presidential system so July 15 does not happen ever again

It seems that according to some, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli turning the key once was not enough to open the lock. They are aware the lock has opened, yet they are declaring that they will resist against that lock from ope... more

War and peace

Whatever we do would be useless… They have 'sworn' to keep us away from the table. As we have all heard about the recent news. An arrest warrant has been issued for Mosul Governor Nuceyfi. The reason: “Helping Turkey.” A few days ago Nuceyfi spoke to... more

Let's keep our memories of FETÖ alive

We might have a disease that makes us forget quickly. Therefore, we should have a look at the events we experienced before July 15. I should make a few reminders related to myself. And everyone who reads this article should try and remember their per... more

Stoyki mujik*

A “man” passed through the U.N. Our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made an outburst at least as effective as the “One minute” outburst in Davos at the U.N. General Assembly this time. I am not going to recall the speech. However, allow me to say this... more


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