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The fight against FETÖ must continue for 40 years

I don’t understand based on what kind of data statements such as, “We eliminated FETÖ” and “We eliminated FETÖ elements” are made. How many Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) culprits were detained from among the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) last mont... more

Syrian young men in Turkey, what are you waiting for?

Operation Olive Branch is continuing as planned. We are not taking into consideration any of the criticisms that the operation is progressing slowly. Because both the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and Turkish soldiers consider the lives of the civilians... more

Dec. 17/25... ‘We won’t be fooled again’

They may still not have understood that we will not bow down. They may still not have understood that we will not say “OK” to their directives. As a matter of fact, they might be waiting for is to “throw our hands in the air” and give up.  They may ... more

What will the super NATOists do?

As you know, there is such a term as NATOists. Super NATO as well. We are of the opinion that all the military coups in Turkey were actually perpetrated by the U.S. and NATO. When we say NATOists, we refer to a wing that has a Western mindset and ac... more


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