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Neither West nor Russia adhered to deals signed with Turkey

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a meeting yesterday with Russian leader Vladimir Putin to find a permanent solution to the Idlib crisis. My first observation on the flight when heading to Moscow was as follows: The ground for reaching an agreemen... more

Turkey’s concerns increase as US continues its sweet talk

If Turkey is a “reliable ally” of the U.S., then why did you not sell it Patriot missiles when it needed air defense systems?What is more, if we are a reliable ally, why are we face-to-face with the threat of being removed from the F-35 war jet proje... more

Will Turkey take more permanent measures in Cyprus?

The agreement reached with the U.S. concerning the east of the Euphrates seems like it will be Turkey’s primary agenda following the Muslim Eid holiday. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s statement, “August is the month of victory. God willing,... more

They're aware of Turkey’s refugee burden, but are we?

Russian President Vladimir Putin's Chief Advisor Dmitry Peskov made headlines in Turkey on Monday, stating his views with respect to Turkey's refugee burden, Peskov said something along the lines of, "I saw that Istanbul became an Arabic-speaking cou... more

Have you not understood with whom Turkey’s war is?

The more Turkey turns toward the terror corridor that wants to be established in the east of the Euphrates by the hand of the U.S., some groups in the country say, "but the Kurds."We saw a similar incident during the Kurdistan Regional Government (KR... more


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