April 16: Turkey's struggle for independence - HASAN ÖZTÜRK

April 16: Turkey's struggle for independence

Supposedly, Turkey is not under the threat of division. Supposedly, no one in the East or the West wants to divide Turkey. Supposedly, Turkey has no perpetuity issue. It is questioned, who is making up such nonsense? Supposedly, this is paranoia, nonsense.

The referendum scheduled to take place in Turkey on April 16 is supposedly just an ordinary referendum. After a “yes” win in this ordinary referendum, supposedly change is going to be made to 18 articles in the Constitution.

What's more is that it is supposedly impossible to understand the discourse of those who support "yes," because it is just an ordinary referendum.

Supposedly, there is nothing to say at the referendum rallies other than what main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu has to say. Supposedly, the 18 articles proposed to be changed are not being explained to the public and moreover they are trying to make it seem like it is Turkey's fate that is being put to referendum. Supposedly, this cannot go on.


You will probably think the statements above have been made up. Or you might wonder how it is possible to make such things up.

But the above statements have not been made up by myself. Instead, they were the "great" ideas uttered by major columnists.

Some of them have even been representatives in Parliament before, have witnessed coup attempts, and have even been members in committees which were responsible for investigating assassinations, meaning that they literally witnessed the issue of Turkey's perpetuity. Yet today, they prefer to stand on the other side, and argue otherwise through their writing.


They do not want us to know what is happening in Syria. They want us to forget about everything that happened in Iraq since 1990. They do not want us to see that they divided Libya into three pieces overnight. They especially want us to forget that a coup plotter who killed thousands during the Morning Prayer was given the red carpet treatment by the West.

And most importantly, they want us to forget that the PKK designed city wars supported by rural areas. They want us to forget that we repelled a civil war attempt at the cost of hundreds of lives, which they formulized as trench politics.

They want us to forget terrorist FETÖ's attempts that started with the Feb. 7 National Intelligence Organization (MİT) crisis, continued with the Gezi Park provocations, and led to the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25, 2013 judicial coup attempt. They want us to forget the July 15, 2016 coup and invasion attempt.

They want us to forget that FETÖ was used as a tool in the July 15 coup attempt and that the West went silent during this attempt and that the then U.S President, Barack Obama called for “moderation between the sides,” as if both sides were on equal terms.

Finally they want us to forget that the head of the German intelligence agency, the BND, said they "could not see that FETÖ was behind [the] July 15 [coup attempt]." They want us to not dwell on the fact that FETÖ leader Fetullah Gülen is being harbored in Pennsylvania, U.S.

They want us to delete the statement, "22 borders in the Middle East, including that of Turkey's, will change," made by then U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.


They want us to overlook the treacherous FETÖ saying, "They want land and we can discuss this. The borders of 24 countries will change."

And then they can say, "Who would want to divide Turkey!" "Why would Turkey have an issue of perpetuity?"

We can say that those who say such things are trying to play with our minds. I believe they are actors of a scenario that comes from deeper powers. You know those thieves who quietly crawl up to their prey, distract their prey and steal their wallets from their pockets?

This is exactly what they are.

How many years has it been since İsmet İnönü said, "We have 90 years up our sleeves"?

They do not want us to remember İnönü's above statement or the truth that Sykes-Picot collapsed a century later.

They have a single problem and that is the existence of our President Revep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Because he is the nail that holds the nation and the country together. They know the rest is easy once that nail is taken out.

The fact that these greedy individuals are on a similar line with Kılıçdaroğlu, who called the coup attempt a “controlled coup,” only to belittle the great struggle of the people, is another thing to consider.

April 16 was Turkey's struggle for independence. "Whether they like it or not we will become free," is the president's mantra and the destination we are heading toward.

Do we now understand what the April 16 referendum is about?


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