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ISIS, Qaradawi and the Caliphate

Last week, we talked about ISIS and said, "Until now we have counted on the uprisings of Qaradawi and the International Union of Muslim Scholars (UMS), of which he is chairman, and now they seem hopeful for some reason after this move".

Upon this, perhaps as a reply to our article, the Union of Muslim Scholars published a declaration. An academic at Qatar personally sent me an e-mail telling me that he had met with the General Secretary Dr. Ali al-Qaradaghi and it"s impossible for them to support ISIS.

For the significance of the topic, I am summarizing the declaration in short.

"The Union of Muslim Scholars is closely watching the movement occurring in Iraq with the name of an Islamic state. This movement at its onset came out as a reaction in favor of the oppressed Sunni people and therefore we gladly welcomed it. However, it is quite harmful when it declares its caliphate status without any preliminary condition or obedience to the shariah law and convoking all Muslims to show allegiance for it. Thus, we want certain things to be well known:

Of course, just like very Muslim individuals, we gladly welcome a caliphate in line with the prophetic tradition and the caliph in that qualification. However, it is evident that without knowledge, idea or material conditions, it will cause more harm than benefit to lay ahead an issue like this that interests all Muslims.

Apart from everything, it is required to have a state which knows what it is doing and which holds the power for representing and defending the rights of Muslims at home and abroad. It must be able to communicate well to others and implement a shariah law effectively.

In the terms of the religious law, this requires that the people give the caliphate the proxy, in order to protect its own right. This proxy, which can be established by the free will of the people or through the appointment by ahl hal wal a"qd, should be accepted as a rational, common sense allegiance. Therefore, it has no value when a group of people declares someone as the caliphate. It is contrast to the shariah law.

Apart from everything, the essential thing is to deploy and institutionalize the prophetic line and the establishment of the Shura. This case is perfectly apparent in the election of all the Rashedon Caliphate. Therefore, we are saying that this group, which does not even have a clear identity, has no validity in terms of shariah authority. This caliphate is invalid, cannot be countable. To the contrary, it is an attempt to undermine the Syrian revolution, their seeking of right in Iraq and an endeavor in the service of the enemy to set them against each other.

Therefore, we expect Muslims to be realist and clever by controlling their attitudes. As UMS, we want the following statements to be known:

Of course, a perfect Islamic state is an objective and a need for Muslims. Hence, if a state as such is going to be established in Iraq, all the Islamic scholars, including various Sunni communities, must collectively decide on this.

The caliphate cannot be established through denying other groups aside from itself. This kind of attempt underestimates the value of the caliphate in the eyes of Muslims and causes chaos and unsettling. As a result, it serves to the stealthy plans of Islam"s enemies. It"s inevitable that its ideal and material prerequisites must be accomplished beforehand.

Beside the wrong behaviors of this unidentifiable group, calling their authority as caliphate is harmful to the caliphate status and Islam.

We want to repeat one more time that of course the institution of the caliphate has a noble and desirable status in the eyes of Muslims. All Muslims are obliged to want and desire this. However, it has its own preliminary ideal, material, spiritual conditions and premises. Without accomplishing all these and achieving the good intention and respect of the Ummah (community), such an endeavor is wrong and brings more harm than benefit. Everyone should know his or her responsibility.

Oh Allah, please keep our mind and our emotions and protect us from being led with our desires.

Prof. Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi (UMS) Chairman

Prof. Dr. Ali al-Qaradaghi (DAB) Genel Secretary

That said, I want to acknowledge my special thanks to esteemed Ali al Karadaghi for sending me an invitation.

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