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Let's lease north Syria

Can the disagreement between the U.S. and Russia over the Syrian crisis be the reflection of the bigger agreement?

It is interesting how both countries can stay in Syria through disagreement.

Turkey should discuss this issue from a real political perspective without putting its civilization map on the table and without romanticizing.

What is the last situation in Syria? What is Turkey's plan against the showdown between the U.S. and Russia?

What would Turkey gain, other than moral rights, from desiring that the negotiations started again, or even working actively for it?

In which platform was Turkey, who spent $20 billion on four million Syrians in five years, appreciated, let alone be appreciated for seeking a resolution between the U.S. and Russia?

I see Turkish foreign policy's unhealthy discourse has relapsed again regarding Syria.

We don't have an eye on anyone's land!

I can say this very clearly, if you want to protect your own land, you have to have an eye on the lands of others, you have to observe what happens there, and you have to stay there for a long time. You might have to go and control the environment; you might have to stick around for a long time and be sure things are going right.

Yes, we shouldn't lay our eyes on someone else's land...

But if that someone else cannot defend his own land, then he should not be trying to cover my eyes!

We need a change in the discourse of Turkish foreign policies, in our tone and our wording.

Because the language used is still useless and is borrowed and gathered from the Unionists.

This language is used for nothing, but frightening the people. It is passive, unprogressive and assimilated. İt needs to change!

We are not occupiers, invaders, imperialists, but we are also not blind!

Will Russia leave Latakia before doomsday? No it will not. Or will the U.S. leave Iraq? No it will not.

I do not care about anything, since I am very rich, do I!...

There is theft in the land I just built roads in, brought water to, built bridges in. But I do not have an eye on anyone's land do I?

If you don't want to be understood, then you can do political maneuvering, build new policies, change your discourse and object.

You have to say “I will be the last to leave” since you have now entered Syria. You have to say, “You come from a long distance; we live just next door, so please pack and go.”

If only this war would finish, but I am afraid it will not end sooner than 20 years. So no one should bother with setting up tables for negotiations.

The Republicans are treating U.S. President Barack Obama “like an idiot” because of his Syrian policies.

He is being accused of being “stupid” for using cheap terror organizations to establish order in Syria instead of investing in a “democratic order without Assad.”

A new phase is starting in Syria. Therefore we need to carefully analyze the situation there and stop being scared. We can turn the course of history into the direction it should be in.

Remember the lands we abandoned, the lands where we did not leave a single envoy, office or foundation in.

Remember Falih Rıfkı's blindness, or better said betrayal, when he said “Jerusalem is just as foreign to us as Florence is.”

This is what I would suggest; Turkey should lease northern Syria's front, legally, by showing its security as a justification.

Please do not underestimate the things I have said. This is how the world is administered. Playing the game according to its rules is different from opposing to the rules of the tyrant.

Turkey should bring this option to the table. It should take the management of the safe zone, not Aleppo's (take notice that I say manage instead of saying govern.)

The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) is fighting in Syria to nail the U.S.'s/ Daesh's lie to the counter. Turkey has an aim and it is not losing lives for nothing.

They are trying to take control like the Pharaohs did of the climate and the atlas, but be assured that this time they will not succeed!

Those who beat the muezzin, who called the salaa against the July 15 coup, are the equivalents of those giving massacre parties in one half of Aleppo while the other half is being bombed.

They are the ones who try to estrange us from our lands Aleppo, Damascus, Baghdad and Mecca by calling it “someone else's land.”

For us, it was Vienna which was someone else's land, but we couldn't get it anyway...

Aleppo is “someone else's land” for the others, not us!

Stop using this discourse, because as you continue to use it, you grow distant from your lands. It is the best time to say, “Now YOU think about it!” We should not miss this opportunity.


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