Even the smell of betrayal is bad! - FARUK AKSOY

Even the smell of betrayal is bad!

The next 10-year equation in Turkish politics will be determined by two important matters.

The first is the extraordinary meeting of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the second is the vote of the new constitution, in other words the referendum, in other words the presidential system…

First, the MHP…

If the MHP's president changes, this will affect both the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and the new constitution work.

I will explain what kind of effect I mean, but I should first note that even if MHP dissidents cannot reach an agreement on a candidate among themselves, the delegates will reach an agreement among themselves and vote on a candidate.

MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli is being harshly criticized since the day he said, “We will present the new constitution to the approval of the public and the public will decide.”

It is enough to follow MHP dissident Merak Akşener during this period to understand well the intention of intraparty dissidents.

This is the first time we are seeing a candidate who wants to be the leader of the MHP get into a brawl with the country's president and, as a matter of fact, wage war against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Those who activated the Kurdish nationalists and tasked the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) during the June 7 election period last year for an “Erdoğanless Turkey,” now want to use Turkish nationalists to siege the MHP.

Mentioning the MHP and HDP in the same sentence will be disturbing for the Idealists, I can understand this, but the situation is out in the open.

It also needs to be pointed out that we cannot exactly position MHP Gaziantep deputy Ümit Özdağ in this equation.

His nationalist stance is closer to a “neonationalist nationalism,” while still not far from the “Erdoğanless Turkey” objective.

If the extraordinary meeting is held and the dissidents openly or covertly reach a consensus on Merak Akşener, I do not think that Özdağ will take part in this alliance.

Özdağ's position, at this stage, seems just like Republican People's Party deputy Deniz Baykal's position in the CHP: Opposition to the AK Party, but in peace with the state.

How do you think the developments in the MHP will affect the AK Party? It partly depends on whether a referendum will be held for the new constitution.

If Bahçeli goes and Akşener becomes the MHP chair, the AK Party's new constitution discussions will also take on another dimension.

If the AK Party abandons its politics determining tradition and seeks a future for itself in the politics game determined by another, we might be discussing completely different matters at the end of June.

It may have been forgotten, so there is benefit in a reminder…

The MHP's candidate against Erdoğan in the presidential election held after the December 17, 2013 and December 25, 2013 operations was Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu.

However, the Idealists who made an appearance at Erdoğan's rallies were also responsible for the conclusion of the election in the first round.

This reminder is particularly for those who want to understand what kind of party the MHP is.

If the MHP base doubts not just the change of leader, but even the direction indicated by the current leader, the resulting reaction will be very different.

As for the AK Party's constitution discussions within the party…

This party was founded to destroy the “dark fate” this grieving nation is considered worthy of, to break the global chain of oppression.

It is true that hesitant decisions were made in certain periods, political mistakes were made and as a matter of fact, hearts were broken involuntarily.

We all witnessed it, all this did happen, but we must accept that this party faced political betrayals never before faced by any other party in Turkey; it was sold out from the inside.

This nation will not forget those who serve them – they will remember them with gratitude, but this nation will never forget the betrayer.

Let me just say that if the AK Party cannot present the new constitution to the people as a whole and appeals to those revolting in the MHP and refrains from refereeing for the people, it will become miserable.

The decision belongs to the people, the people will be asked and whatever they say will happen – this is the right way to go!

I think those who accuse the AK Party of not being loyal to their founding principles, have not taken a look at themselves in a full-length mirror for a long time.

Being detached is the reality of these lands…

Here, causes are not produced for men, but men are raised for the cause!

You will either become a man of the people's cause, or a simple element of cause-producing centers!

The decision is yours…


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