Where are they attacking Turkey from? - EROL GÖKA

Where are they attacking Turkey from?

İbrahim Karagül has written an important article entitled, “ISIL might hit Turkey”. He states that Jordan, who opened war against ISIL after they executed a pilot, fell for the trap and that ISIL had paved the way for Sisi’s attack on Libya by killing Egyptian Copts.

By basing on this type of facts, he is pointing out the trap that is being setup for the region over ISIL; “What’s US and Europe doing? While they are breaking the Muslim Brotherhood’s effect via ISIL and thus winning the favor of oppressive regimes in the region, they are also implementing a program directed at resolving the same regimes over ISIL. Pay attention: the organization, which had been effective in Syria, had become the number one decisive power in Iraq. Following that, the same organization steered towards Jordan and Lebanon. Now, they are effective in the Lebanon and Egypt region. Soon, we might see the same happening in Yemen and couple of other countries. As for the finale; it will be Saudi Arabia. He even says that the Riyadh administration, because of their hostility towards the Muslim Brotherhood, has been trapped over ISIL and by Iran. Karagül is of the opinion that rather than the libertarian opposition represented by the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization or understanding, which brings forward violence and terror, is being massified in the whole region. Thus, the geography’s awakening is being imprisoned to a blind darkness in this way.

He concludes his article with a worry like “Similar to how ISIL had been directed towards the Kurds, I think that they will also be directed at Turkey and thus target Turkey”.

I agree with Karagül’s worry. It’s obvious that some people are trying to format the region, Muslim world and opinion, and meanwhile, to the Islam perception by using ISIL. In our previous “Quantum foreign policy and zombies” article, we discussed the US’s new foreign policy. In that same article, we stated that the old imperialist powers are not required in the Middle East anymore, and that in our opinion regional actors, like Turkey and Iran, will be strongly active in this geography, like US, China and Russia, and may be even stronger than them. There was a high possibility for the regional borders to change and different political geographies to be shaped by identity-based formations. In this case, it wasn’t hard to foresee that the old imperialist forces will be doing all they could to avoid emptying their dominance areas. The zombie groups, which had appeared suddenly in our region, were the work of old system owners. We had concluded our article with “The ones, who cannot act with the old trumps of the power struggle, are in the worry of showing their existence through zombies. We should stand strong and take sure steps”. Since that day, the only development that will be added to this analysis is Obama’s authority request from the Congress for a private operation in the region for 3 years, because of the long duration of the struggle against ISIL: in other words, the US’s getting their feet on the ground…

We might be thinking differently with Karagül on the patronage matter; however, our worry that there will be an attack on Turkey over ISIL is the same. Then, what kind of an attack will it be and what kind of destruction does it aim to cause on the communal tissue?

With his sharp mind, Karagül is making his analysis based on international power struggle and the phenomenon in our region. As for the place we are looking at; it’s the communal psychology. We are focused on finding out what kind of an insemination or sowing our communal psychology is being tailored for. We are looking at how they want us to look at incidents with their perception methods and where they want to direct our attention.

For a long time now, there has been an intense effort to attach Turkey and ISIL, and, Erdoğan and authoritativeness images (based on Islamist practicing) together, and thus, to ensure they are being remembered together. This must have a meaning. Looking at the image gallery, which had been established in our minds in the last period, might provide clues. A grey propaganda, which is being continued all-round, that Turkey is helping ISIL… In the conflicts against ISIL in the Rojava region, especially in Kobane, the consistent emphasis on Kurdish women fighters and their secular looks… Even the crazy savageness performed in the October 6 – 8 incidents were attempted to be legitimized over secularism and the struggle against ISIL…. Preparation of a platform for the HDP’s alliance, which previously seemed impossible, with the Left first and then with part of CHP…. MHP’s implicit support to this alliance within the tension with the Internal Security Package….

While the propaganda that Erdoğan is preparing to form an Islamist dictatorship is being conducted, on the other hand, a secular front is being established against it. The masses, which had been injected with the idea that they will lose their secular lives, are gradually being devoted (this attempt is always overlooked in the situation analysis called “polarization” in Turkey). As an indicator of secularism, for a long time now the “secular-women” theme is being benefitted from, and unfortunately, they are not having a hard time finding material for this matter. The moralistic language, which is being used instead of the thesis that the women in Turkey are free and equal citizens and the essential actresses of our democracy, is making their task easier.

We were talking about a possible ISIL attack on Turkey. This is the communal psychological platform on which the attack will be actualized. Under the confrontation of these conditions, it wouldn’t be a prophecy to say that the attacks will help the formation of the anti-Erdoğan secular front and  consolidate it.



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