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The most important result of the election

On November 1, one of the most important elections in the history of our democracy was held. It would be obvious whether the process of change known as the "silent revolution" which started 13 years ago would continue or be interrupted. As it was important, it was also stressful.

It was so stressful that a few days before the election, some people even said they would sleep till the election results were announced. Before the November 1 election, I opined that survey results should not be taken into consideration.

I felt that it would be an election under a different psychological atmosphere than that of the June 7 election. The voters understood the election held in such a short period to be the second phase of the previous election and even if it could not be mentioned, they would esteem two major parties more.

The basic paradigm of this election was determined as whether the AK Party would come to power alone or not.

The voters who did not oppose the AK Party and being governed with a coalition government, even if they did not voluntarily say, would vote for the AK Party at the last moment.

For me the most remarkable survey result was the Denge Research Company's indicating 65% of those polled did not want a coalition government; it would definitely affect the elections.

Shortly speaking, these circumstances created an environment in which the AK Party more than the CHP (the Republican People's Party) would increase its percentage of the vote, whereas the MHP (the Nationalist Movement Party) and the HDP (the People's Democratic Party) would lose votes.

The AK Party's having taken the necessary lessons from the June 7 elections, the bellicose language of the CHP and quitting the “borrowed vote” tactic, MHP's being stuck into a saying “no” attitude, HDP's being unable to draw a clear boundary between itself and terror were factors that made the effect of the psychological atmosphere above more obvious.

These were my thoughts before the election. The opinions I expressed on all the TV programs I appeared on and on social media were all based on this view.

The evaluation that drew me the most before the election was made by Celal Kazdağlı from the haber10 website.

Kazdağlı said that the lack of interest in the election was mentioned but that wasn't right. For him there was more interest than ever, but due to the consequent elections there was a weariness.

In the June 7 election the people said to the AK Party, in spite of everything, “I am still with you.” They kept calm after the massacre in front of the Ankara Train Station on October 10, repressed their pain and did not fall into the trap. “This election will not be the election of feelings, but reason. May silence not surprise you. The deep mind of the people will go to the ballot box on November 1.” Kazdağlı finished his words.

I wrote this article to this point before November 1 and whatever the result would be, I decided to begin my article this way.

When the election was over, our people showed us the truth. Now here we see the truth. It is possible to comment on the election results from various aspects. Initially, the differences with the June 7 election are remarkable and these have always been spoken of properly. On these differences and their reasons many opinions can be and should be expressed.

However, because of the trees the forest should not be ignored and the forest should be seen for the trees. Rather than underline the differences between the June 7 and November 1 elections, looking at the commonalities would be more useful.

There are two common points. In both elections the people addressed both the AK Party and the opposition. First they said to the AK Party, “I want you to continue the revolution you started but I am discontented with your situation, recover and be yourself.” As for the second election, they expressed their satisfaction saying “Thank you for listening to me. You showed me that you are the AK Party which is my hope.”

The people shouted at the opposition on June 7, “You are all disintegrated, I have no hope for you but if the AK Party cannot continue its mission, you should know that I have no one else aside from you. You should leave satisfying with the daily reactions which will not work, appeal to rage and anxiety, calculations for the bloc rulership you do not deserve. Come to me with the programs and staff you will show me how you will continue the big change the AK Party had started, the resolution together, how you will provide the rest and peace.”

When they saw that this warning was of no use on November 1, they got very angry. They roared, “Get out of my sight, change completely, and then come back!"

I was mistaken with my analysis before the election in that I did not consider that the CHP might lose power since I did not take into consideration the possibility that the people would show the red card to the entire opposition.

Turkey made its choice. It decided to continue the big change with the AK Party leading the process with the “dominant party model.” This is a decision which we should respect… On Sunday, let's consider how should continue with the “dominant party model.”


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