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Resolution pains in the light of Qandil

If a “Truth Commission” is established one day, then President Erdoğan's name will be on the top of the list of people who contributed towards ending the bloodshed of siblings and the matter of resolving a problem through democratic politics the most. Erdoğan's efforts, by risking his political life and taking on responsibility without thinking twice, had gone down in history. The ones, who present Erdoğan as objecting to the resolution by basing on and without understanding the statements he used related to distinctive justifications, and, who are even pursuing small interests and political plots in the matter of sibling bloodshed, are all in the records….

Creating irony, distortion, manipulation and hiding the facts while performing all their skills in order to prevent disarmament are all the fields of expertise of these people. One of the people they've executed all their expertise on is actually their “leadership”. What Öcalan really tries to say cannot be completely seen due to the mist cast out by Qandil and HDP.

HDP promulgated a “turmoil strategy” in order to darken the messages of Öcalan and make them indistinct. In appearance it's turmoil; however, it's a triad spiral strategy that has internal consistency… A policy that is directed at gathering the fruits of the “dictator”, “sultan”, “khalif” statements, which are spread domestically and externally, towards Erdoğan for the past three years in the western part of our country… The propaganda of telling Kurds that the Resolution Process is a victory gained after armed struggle and they had the Republic of Turkey knuckle down and forced Turkey to consent by having them accept the clauses of the negotiation… The “secularism” salutation towards the Westerners and the attempt to have Alewites on their side, by entering the “war against ISIL” front without completely showing what happened in Rojawa and Kobani…

They don't care about the possibility that such strategy, which is factoid and based on daftly expressions, might trigger a new Khabur syndrome and poison the process. They think even a little over the wild October 6 – 8 savageness. It's better to look at Qandil, which is the source of inspiration for the turmoil strategy, for the attempts to darken Öcalan's statements, rather than HDP.

Bese Hozat states that they agree with every single sentence of Öcalan's message that has been read during Newroz. According to him, Öcalan had made a call to start negotiations under the 10 clauses, which had been announced on February 28th, under the supervision of the monitoring committee and stated that reciprocal, simultaneous and parallel steps should be taken by both sides. “The monitoring committee should be included in the first meeting after Nawruz and the official negotiations should be started under the 10 clauses. A “Commission of Facing with Facts” will be established in the parliament, and there the agreement will be handled under the 10 clauses consented by both sides. Thus, this will be then brought to the plenary session of the parliament and discussed there. Relative laws and a new constitution should be legislated. If these processes are actualized, concrete steps are taken, laws are legislated and regulations are done in the basis of free citizenship, then the PKK will gather it's congress and end the armed period and thus, go for a new strategic transformation. If the government completes their side of the bargain, then the armed struggle will become meaningless.”

As a person, who tried to follow every step of the Resolution Process with complete attention, I don't comprehend the Dolmabahçe text nor Newroz letter as Hozat did. The text, which had been read in Dolmabahçe, was never an agreement text that presented 10 indispensable clauses for disarmament. Öcalan is not talking about any record or condition on the matter of disarmament. Let's say that the Dolmabahçe text was quite theoretical and vague, however the Newroz letter was so clear… If Öcalan regarded disarmament as Hozat did, then he would have used similar sentences. Hozat is making all kinds of excuses to avoid disarmament, and, by putting forth conditions Öcalan never talked about, postpones peace to eternity and killing the content of the letter.

However, the letter is quite clear;

“…. The struggle we are conducting is at a historic threshold today. Similar to how the struggle of our 40-year-long movement that passed with sorrows did not go down the drain, it also reached an unsustainable phase. We are face to face with starting a new process following the 10-claused declaration process, which had been officially declared by all of us in the historic Dolmabahçe Palace. In order to end the 40-year-long armed struggle of the PKK towards the Republic of Turkey, and to fit the spirit of the new period, I find it necessary and historic for the PKK to gather the congress. The start should be given to a period, which is based on constitutional citizenship, and, an equal and free life. We are moving from a period of conflicts to a peaceful one. Following the congress, a new period will begin. In this new period, as a democratic community, which possesses a democratic identity at the heart of free and equal constitutional citizenship within the Republic of Turkey, we are entering a period of living fraternally in peace.

By exceeding the 90-year past of the Republic's history, which is full of conflicts, we are walking towards a future weaved with real peace. Besides, saluting such a phase in front of you is what suits the real history of Newroz….”

What was the “Dolmabahçe text”, what's the intention of the “monitoring committee”? Before all this can be completely understood, the tricksters are coming into play and casting a mist in order to prevent it from being understood, and as Mr. Akdoğan stated; they are poisoning the process. When the willpower, which started the process, is willing to drink hemlock poison to stop the bloodshed and has a guarantee even today, says “Stop right there!”, they are also presenting it as being against the process “for the sake of votes”, and become laughing stocks. However, the process requires severity and effort.

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