Lay down arms, give up on violence! - EROL GÖKA

Lay down arms, give up on violence!

We shouldn't reach a defective result just by looking at the recent developments and the organization's terror attacks. Democratic expansion and the Resolution Process are of course correct political decisions. It was necessary for the struggle against the guardianship system, which ruled for years under the name of parliamentary democracy, to progress towards a strong democracy. If not, the criticism, which used to be in the shape of forming their own guardianship instead of the collapsed one and is now being used as propaganda and is clearly unjust, would have been right. In order to show that the stance against the guardianship system is democratic, it was necessary to walk down the democracy path, and open the areas of freedom, which the old system disregarded and attempted to cover, to the public. The wounds inflicted by despotism, which regards all the opinions and identities other than the official ideology of the old system as "anomalies", should have been treated with compassion and mercy, and in this way show that the government is the eunuch of the nation.

The Resolution Process was based on the principle that the Kurdish issue can be resolved within democracy, and the community, which is putting an effort to reinforce the democracy of arms in the name of "liberalizing the Kurdish identity", does not require any explanation. The consensus on the matter that any problem can be solved via politics and Parliament, was the real antidote for violence. The path was clear; however, it was also clear that it would be painful and problematic.

Even if the decision for the surgery was correct and utmost care was shown throughout the surgery, it might not be enough to prevent side effects and complications. Sometimes, no matter what's done, side effects and complications cannot be prevented.

These were already known.

As a matter of fact, there were also variables, which were certain to poison the process and are impossible to control from the beginning. The countries, where the Kurdish existence can be found, especially Iraq and Syria, are experiencing a disruption; Iran was trying to open a new spot for itself in the power struggle. Every move of the international forces and structures in the area, like the government and ISIS, were actually amounting to interference in the process.

Nobody could have thought that the eternal and merciless rulership fight between the Kurdish actors would have an impact on the Resolution Process.

Even if we are to put all the conjunctural reasons aside, we are still facing the reality of an organization, which was asked to give up on arms but which rather believed the holiness of violence and know no other way to put up a struggle other than violence.

The disciplined Stalinist organization is never preparing their supporters for democratic politics, on the contrary, they are increasing fortification in cities for field dominance, and using their energy based on violence, which they used against security forces in the region, for suppressing the public. The organization never paid attention to the context of the Newroz Declaration, which is also the declaration of the Resolution Process. They never comprehended the meaning of "democratic republic". They continued not to understand with labels like "invader Republic of Turkey". No matter how much they extolled their "leadership", and state that no one can cross his words, according to the conditions, they brought forward the thesis that "they should be the actual respondent due to the captivity of leadership". They blurred the process with their "freedom to Öcalan" slogans, and mislead the target. The Qandil-Imrali differentiation served the purpose of confusing minds at the respondent level in the Resolution Process. The organization, which assumed that they have legitimized their violent acts towards laborers, construction equipment and dams with the "ok, but the government is making war investments, police stations and military barrages in order to prevent guerrillas from passing the border" justification, always used a language towards the government as if they are equal political powers.

The actual factor that poisoned the Resolution Process was this view, which qualified the government and organization as existing entities that possess the same essence, tries to equalize them by setting the different scales and which unfortunately spread to left and liberal circles. The "organizaton is equal to the government" mentality was revealed after the Dolmabahçe Agreement and became intolerable. One of the respondents of the Resolution Process that doesn't have the possibility to change the attitude is HDP. When HDP declared their "becoming Turkish party" objective, we were all excited. However, instead of explaining how an ethnic issue will be resolved and how the weapons will be laid down, and putting an effort for resolution in a country, they attempted to catch the carrot brought forward by the forces against the process.

They acted with dual agenda; and used an ethnical or leftist language according to the case or geography. Now as for the present time... The Resolution Process seems to be lost. Everything became complicated. The ones who wanted the conflict so much are now acting like they are supporting the process. Most of the people who were saying "weapons should be silenced immediately and we should return to the state of ceasefire!", are now intentionally or unintentionally thinking that this move is directed at "early elections"...

An environment, where the ones who honestly wanted "peace" could fall into the trap that equalizes the organization with the government. Of course, there should be peace and brotherhood should be provided; however, first it should be accepted that the only legitimate authority that is authorized to use force is the government. We don't need to like the government, and to change them is our natural right. But only through legitimate politics....

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