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Local administrations, youngsters and education

It’s hard not to be astonished with life’s richness…A frequent dynamism, a constant self-perpetuation. We were begging for the hot weather to come to an end, and suddenly now we are hugging our clothes against the cold, and we wrap ourselves in a poe... more

Politics desperately seeking its virtue

"Without internalized ethics, there can be no politics and it cannot bear any political virtue," our Prime Minister Davutoglu shouted out last Tuesday, which relieved our hearts once again. These words were not just simply a response to the CHP and ... more

What the world needs is a new Turkey, too

Our Prime Minister Davutoglu listed a number of items in his congressional speech, which he repeated in a 9-article manifesto that means we have a long way and many deficiencies to build for a new Turkey. Of course, there is so much work to be done. ... more

From "man of the nation" to "intellectual of the nation"

If an objective observer looks into our paths, which we have trodden against the challenges of the modern civilization, he will find three main courses. Similarly, we may say that our last two centuries were comprised of three basic eras. In these... more

28th of August 2014

Today. The brownout of the rat race that we had experienced might pass without being noticed, within the feeling of the "regulation". It shouldn"t. Today, the day that our chosen President is beginning his task, is a historical day since our encount... more

Atom ant and communities in New Turkey

AK Party nominated Ahmet Davutoglu as the chair of the party and the Prime Minister candidate. I find this choice quite reasonable and wish it brings the best for our nation. After his name was declared by Erdogan, Davutoglu delivered a short speech,... more

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

The whole world knows that a wind is increasingly getting stronger and announces itself to us. This is a wind that while tossing the rotten things builds new worlds,increases the wind strength and nurtures the seeds it sowed to the ground with the ac... more

The qualities we will look for in a president

In my youth, I used to complain a lot about the world. I always held the modern age responsible for every kind of evil and tried to hurt modernity at every occasion. I spent my ages with modernity here and modernity there… Then, I started to dislike ... more

The Scholar-Politician coming from Egypt

We have so many troubles and while complaining that we don"t have a substantial amount of people to deal with them, the Journal of Tezkire once again went to press a while ago. In 2007, its withdrawal from the published league was one of the reasons ... more

Struggle and submission occur at the same time!

Today is the eve. Tomorrow is the eid, the Ramadan holiday. When a poet said "let eids be like eids", it was not in vain. Our eid can turn into hell. We also have folkloric songs like "Today is eid, but I feel blue". No matter how gloomy we feel, we... more

The tower that observes our humanity: Gaza

There are two meanings of humanity. The first one means "all humans". When we say "in these modern times, the status of humanity is dreary", we are referring to this first meaning. The second meaning is the basic positive potential for existence, to ... more

The most eminent characteristic of our society: ISLAM

The recent figures of a survey were published with the title "The Religious Life in Turkey" which was conducted by the Directorate of Religious Affairs in Turkey. Both the character of the foundation, which conducted the research, and its coordinato... more

To what should a human devote his whole life?

We all have different world views and life styles. Moreover, we have different kinds of experiences. We are following our individual destiny, a line of fate as peculiar as our fingerprints. Days are following days and event after events. We are takin... more


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