Will Islamophobia increase? - EROL GÖKA

Will Islamophobia increase?

In my previous columns I discussed how Islamophobia emerged after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which symbolized the disappearance of a two-pole world. No doubt some of you asked, “Don't the Muslims have any fault during this period?” while reading my columns. I believe Muslims can be held responsible, not only for what they are suffering, but for the problems the world is experiencing too. Our first responsibility as Muslims is to think about our sad state to try and explain this, to listen to each other and unite. But this is another topic. Our focus now is the dynamics of Islamophobia in Western history. If I may, I would like to discuss my discernment and predictions.

Michael Privot, the director of ENAR, a European network against racism (Islamophobia) based in Belgium, believes that the number of fascists against Muslims will increase in France, England, Sweden, Belgium and Holland, or at least in countries that have a high rate of hate crimes.

He says this is appropriate for Daesh's polarization strategy, as Daesh believes that Muslims will join them once they are in a tight corner. He believes that although authorities showed efforts to avoid associating Muslims with assailants, they will no longer show this sensitivity. He adds that, tough times are yet to come for Muslims. According to Privot, the society in Europe is sliding down a slippery slope, and everyone is eager to avoid this. Yet, no one wants to stand in a position that will break this cycle.

These ideas look quite plausible at first glance, and I believe most of us will support Privot in his ideas, especially after Donald Trump helped increase Islamophobia in the U.S. lately. However, although I have said much on the origin and functions of Islamophobia in the West, I do not agree with Privot.

The peak of social engineering, made using Islamophobia and its twin Daesh, has been reached. I believe a downfall in the period is now inevitable. In my opinion, humanity's collective conscience will no longer be able to carry the misery millions of Muslims have suffered because of Daesh, and thus the democratic public opinion will object to these course of events. I predict that the Muslims living in the West, will further understand Islamophobia and take the necessary steps to stay stop to this rise in a democratic manner.

You might say, “but the real problem is in regions with Muslim populations.” You are right. If we do not count Turkey's outstanding efforts in the region, you can actually say that they are doing everything possible to complicate things in terms of Islamophobia instead of taking positive steps. Muslim society leaders are not thinking about anything but themselves and their chairs. For example, take a look are the sectarian war they are fighting only to keep their governments up and running. Our only chance is to produce a human rights wave which uses an Islamic language, criticizes the West's approach to us, and is democratic in its discourse and act. I accept all this, and yet I am hopeful. Turkey increases my hope by strengthening its democracy and making efforts to enable people with differences live together. Turkey is the only country capable of wiping out the negative images Daesh has created of us Muslims. Therefore, both the world and Muslims are watching Turkey carefully. Hence, our burden is very heavy. But we will succeed.

Additionally, we should note that according to capitalism's uneven development rule, the double pole approach that has risen lately will only benefit Islamophobia. Powers that represent these poles in such a world, will marginalize Muslims, demonize them and try and assimilate them. As a result, we can say that Muslims will be less marginalized in the years to come, as Islamophobia will be replaced by new problems and agendas. We can say that Trump and his supporters are not the pioneers of a new world, but will remain as the representatives of evil in this world.



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