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Our president and the July 15 revolution

If we imagine our country Turkey as a single body, our nation as a single people residing there and if we put ourselves in its place, we would feel that the resistance we displayed on July 15 is one that would be an example for the oppressed. We made history that night, one that would be remembered for years to come. We showed the entire world that we would protect this country and us against all who have evil intentions aimed at out unity through the lowly Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ). July 15 was a milestone and now, nothing can be as it used to. We must emphasize this extraordinary, marvelous characteristic of July 15 at all times and keep the “July 15 Movement” alive at all costs.

In his speech at the Court Year Opening ceremony, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said: “On July 15 and in its aftermath, Turkey has largely seen and identified its friends on foes, who is on its side and who is against it – particularly those waiting in the lurch. We are short of expressing our gratitude no matter what we do or say to our people who made history that night… Our children who grew up hearing the countless heroisms of Çanakkale, of Dumlupınar, made their own history on July 15. Turkey has seen another generation that knows what it means to fight for independence, honor, life and death, a generation that actually experienced this…

“None of us have the right to act according to a criteria other than the interests and needs of our country and people. Pre-July 15 is different, post-July 15 is different – it has to be that way. My advice to those who get caught up in political or bureaucratic ambition, including myself, is to quickly open the list of the July 15 martyrs and look at it. If the lives we see on that list do not bring us back to our senses, shame on us…

“I also expect the representatives of our other organizations to leave aside the tension and accusation tactic and act in accordance with the spirits of Yenikapı on Aug. 7. Our nation needs unity, brotherhood and solidarity more than ever… I am confident that our Turkey, our nation will win and as new milestone, we will walk toward the future.”

This is just part of his address, with every single statement being invaluable. We need to now start discussing what July 15 taught us, what we are required to do to rest our martyrs' souls in peace, to be worthy of our veterans' memories and the people's struggle. The “Yenikapı spirit” is beautiful indeed, yet this spirit needs to be embodied in the real life. However, it seems easier for us to quarrel with old habits rather than that spirit finding a response in the pysical life. We turn to our known methods at the first chance. We are trying to hit one another in our great walk, using as an excuse states that are really of no significance at all. These are all indications that we did not benefit enough from July 15, that we did not really contemplate on what we need to do to coexist, to rise our country in cooperation.

One of the best articles on the path that needs to be followed post-July 15 came from haber10 website writer Ömer Altaş. “The July 15, 2016 ideal should not be sacrificed to the turmoil of everyday life. It should not be grinded in the mill of politics. It should not be seen as fait accompli. The people gained this value by going through hardships, paying prices,” says Altaş. He says that from now on we need to look at anthropology, not ideologies, referring to the life lived here, the values that bring our people together. And he lists his suggestions under these formulas: “Islam, on this territory, is not a monopoly of the Justice and Development Party [AK Party]… On these lands, the rights to being Turkish are not under the Nationalist Movement Party [MHP]… On these lands, the rights to being Kurdish are not under the Peoples' Democratic Party [HDP]… On these lands, the rights to being an Alevi, Laicism and Kemalism are not under the Republican People's Party [CHP]…” And he continued, “All political organizations and nongovernmental organizations should keep pace with the July 15 reality. If 'required,' they should reset themselves and become organized from scratch in line with this process. This also includes the AK Party.”

We always see eye to eye with Altaş on every subject, we may have differences only in our choice of terms and the methods we use to apply them. There are terms I oppose in his suggestions, but we should not immerse ourselves in details. I also partially agree with the radical suggestion he made for application. Politics feeds on ideology and any change there is very difficult to come by. It is not necessary either, because everybody gets what they deserve at the polls. However, the state and people's common mind should not deviate even a millimeter from the values that represent us all. Thankfully our president clearly shows that he is the representative of the common mind and the people's trust in him is increasing by the day. Our mast is strong and its captain is standing tall.

Yes, there are certainly those that need to reset themselves. They are the center parties that need to be the representatives of the common mind and values in politics. Whoever wants to be a center party or remain that way, are obliged to show the will to renew themselves in accordance with July 15. Otherwise, the people who made the revolution will do what is necessary. If they do not change themselves, the people will change them. So Altaş, relax, nature will find its course, July 15 is our new route and let those who will not comply think about it!


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