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Islamophobia as a tool for redemption from sins

Islamophobia and anti-Islamism emerged powerfully again today to meet the modern West's need for an “other" after the bi-polar world. With this new “other," it had become possible for the Westerners, who were at their throats in the two world wars, to continue their internal struggles in Muslims regions via proxy wars. However, this is not the only benefit that Islamophobia an anti-Islamism provided for the modern West; it has a lot more advantages than we think. For instance, when Muslims were positions opposite to the secular modern world, the conflicts with the others in the same camp automatically eased off. Meanwhile, it gave an opportunity for theories such as Evangelism, which eliminated the ancient Christian-Jew fight and in fact turned it to a forever friendship. Let's try to clarify.

Roman law and Greek philosophy are always mentioned with Judaism-Christianity in the historical roots of Western culture. They convinced us all to believe in this trivet through repetition, but the reality is not quite as they say. The Western Christian conscious, until the recent times, was set on being anti-Judaism and perceived Islam as a continuation of Judaism. There has always been a “Jewish problem" in Europe over which almost every thinker has dwelled. This problem, in the Reconquista wave that followed the collapse of Andalusia, the massacre and exile of Jews and Muslims; they took refuge in the Ottoman Empire and the “Holocaust" tragedy took place in the center of Europe. The “Holocaust" tragedy eventually transformed into the “Palestine issue." Those who managed to push the “Jewish issue" away from themselves and turned the fight into a Judeo-Muslim issue, stepped aside, but the Judeo-Christian tension continued secretly. This is what really happened…

The Western conscious found a chance of redemption from its old sins with Islamophobia and anti-Islamism, which began after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The otherization of Islam and/or Muslims (the Westerners have not yet been able to decide whether one of the two or both of them together) gave the opportunity for the mention of Judeo-Christian faiths together. Evangelism which was reformed was the perfect match to satisfy this need…

Israel which caused the “Palestine issue" and itself turned from the victim of the Holocaust into an occupier and murderer in the eyes of the world democratic public, not only approved this development but was very pleased with it.

Evangelism roughly means “to turn to the holy book." As Martin Luther King gave his own church this name, the word “Evangelist" in Europe previously defined Lutherans or non-liberal Protestants, later changed content in time. In the current sense, Evangelism, in the 18th century, extended all the way to the formation of the great American Protestant sects, Baptism and Methodists. Then it increasingly became the continuation of Puritans and the theology of an ideology that represents the conservative wing of American Christianity. They, together with the neocons turned into a great political movement.

The Evangelist faith has a very interesting Armageddon teaching. Israel takes the lead role in this teaching… The Evangelists see the Armageddon War as their hope for salvation and are fighting for this war to happen at once. According to them, as a requirement of God's plans, the Jews who returned to the promised land and established the Great Israel, are going to win the Armageddon War and take over the world. By supporting this plan, they too will side with the Jews in the Armageddon and reach eternal salvation and hence, heaven.

Some use this funny theology even when explaining the latest events. No so much, but it is certain that this faith helps to ease off the Judeo-Christian tension, which is an abyss in Western history, and turns targets toward Muslims. Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu's recent claim at the World Zionist Congress that Hitler learned the Holocaust from the grand mufti of Jerusalem, was the last straw in the incubation stage of this new atmosphere. This nonsense after the theory that Hitler learned genocide from the Ottoman Empire's Armenian Deportation, is a continuation of efforts to put the blame on Muslims and exonerate themselves.

All this is ridiculous to us, but the large masses whose minds are shaped by the media are unaware of all this. Regardless of how ridiculous or stupid it is, the most incredible theories can create a society of believers with the appropriate society engineering.

It is clear how good Islamophobia and anti-Islamism is for their incurable wounds. So, are we able to see the role of Daesh in this plan, which is doing everything to further aggravate Islamophobia and anti-Islamism?


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