Daesh: Decoding World War III - EROL GÖKA

Daesh: Decoding World War III

Of course Turkey is not going to bow down, of course our community is not going to give in to terrorism. They know this truth as well as we do, but they are doing what their existence requires. They are pursuing their own interests without seeing the pain they are causing others. Continuing proxy wars through terrorist organizations they specially breed and grow in their own seedbeds, setting states and communities in the region against one another and trying to divide and separate them, is their reason for being. They are continuing a relentless power struggle among themselves, but they completely agree on one point: To prevent Turkey from emerging as the representative of the oppressed and rising objections to their unjust world.

The two world wars in which they were the lead actors, made them even more skillful at their true profession – violence and exploitation. While they are trying new colonialist methods in the area of economy and adding to their income, similarly they are continuing the power struggle in the form of proxy wars. The support provided by imperialists is responsible in the first degree for both the emergence of terrorist organizations and the monstrosities they continue to commit. Their skill at making vile plans and creating disorder has brought them to the point at which they can no longer even mention the “left,” which only until yesterday based its reason for being on anti-imperialism. The vast majority of the “left,” are no longer anti-imperialist even at the discourse level. Their only business is to prevent their own community from organizing a collective mind and activating its tradition dynamics and try to consistently discredit nativity and nationality.

We read and learn the role of terrorism in proxy wars, the state of the conjuncture, what they want to tell us and force us to do whenever they release on us one of the 5th branch terrorist organizations in their hands. And as much as we understand, as much as we can express it, we try to present the socio-political dimensions of terrorism, what we see and think about Islamophobia and the power struggle and relationships in the world.

After the terrorist organizations that tried to lean on an ethnic and sectarian background, the evil that is Daesh, which they inflicted us with and portray as though it has its origins in the Islamic faith, despite having no history or traditional basis, certainly presents us with brand new problems, leading to new duties. The hardworking journalist Betül Sosyal Bozdoğan, who spoke to 19 experts – including myself – about Daesh, published an exceptionally good book. The book titled “DAİŞ, 3. Dünya Savaşı'nın Deşifresi” (Daesh, decoding World War III) published by Hayy Yayınları, should be a reference book for those interested and us all to see that Daesh is not a simple and ordinary, unsupervised reaction to the modern world, to re-think the subject. Our job is to not only physically fight Daesh, but also to shed light on its truth and to prevent it from taking opportunities to tarnish our religion and faith, providing grounds to justify anti-Islam sentiment and Islamophobia, as if it were not enough that they wildly and ruthlessly attack our people.

Bozdoğan says: “The globalization project has collapsed. Capitalism is about to break. While the darkness of nihilism is about to cloud the world once more in the digital slavery age in which the soul is sacrificed to technology, Islam is the last free forte of the global-scale resistance against this course of events. The 'superior mind' produced its last invention to destroy that forte: Daesh, which is trying to equate Islam and terrorism.

Daesh has a second task: To stop Turkey, which is 'a candidate to be the reference country of history and civilization' in the Islamic geography. Since they know well that we will re-shape the course of history if all obstacles are removed, by pointing to Daesh they are aiming to render both Islam and Turkey ineffective. To achieve this, they are trying to make the world buy a genetically tampered Islamic understanding they developed in a laboratory as Islam.” She is very right when she says the dirty project in question is decoded so comprehensively for the first time in her book.

Our country is one of the arenas for the proxy wars continued among imperialists through terrorist organizations. After every terrorist attack, some act like they are grieving and they have a conscience, but in reality even though they try to hide this truth when saying in glee, “You turned our country into the Middle East!” and try to unjustly blame the country's administration, this is very clear. Our sole resource to save our country from being the arena for the power struggle of imperialists, to unite against terrorism and to clear the name of our faith that is constantly tarnished by the evil that is Daesh, is our own strength and mind. We are obliged to learn and struggle, to struggle and learn and to work to build a new world. We have no other choice…


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