Europe is watching by as mosques are being bombed - ERGÜN YILDIRIM

Europe is watching by as mosques are being bombed

What a great deal of mosques are being bombed! They are being gunned down, set on fire and bombed. They have recently been the targets of unprecedented destruction and plundering. Mosques are bombed mostly in the Muslim world and Europe. Recently our mosques were attacked in Canada, Germany, Belgium, Holland and lately in New Zealand. Many innocent civilians were viciously murdered. The mosque built in Cologne was subjected to digital terrorism. Racist statements and symbols were projected on to the mosque and Muslims were overtly threatened. Recently, 297 mosques were attacked in Europe alone. Islamophobia has turned into an anti-Islam ideology.

The issue of “cultural racism” coined by French intellectual Levi-Strauss is rising in Europe. The hatred and marginalization against Islam is being revealed. Cultural racism has turned into a practice of bloodshed. Europe has paid heavy prices due to racism as many lives have been lost. Great waves of migration was its end result. However, this time racism is cultural and it is mostly against Muslims. Thus, mostly Muslims and non-European immigrants are paying the price. However, this will lead to severe outcomes for Europe too. Because, European history is slowly becoming the history of burning mosques! The most fundamental aspect of religious freedom, freedom of worship has been trampled upon.

Mosques are not only being bombed in Europe. They are bombed more often in the Muslim world. A few examples will suffice to understand the severity of the circumstances. “The U.S. forces carried out an airstrike on a mosque in a village called Cina, in the El Tarib district of Aleppo. During the airstrike which was carried out during the Ishaa prayer, 58 people were killed and more than 100 were wounded.”

“In a suicide attack carried out on a mosque in northwestern Pakistan, the death toll rose to 60 people.” “After a suicide attack carried out Kabul, Afghanistan, which killed 39 people, another suicide attack was carried out against a mosque in the Doline district of the Ghur province. Thirty people lost their lives in the attack.” “In the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, where the Daesh terror group is still influential, the number of the people killed rose to 235 after a bombing and armed attack.”

“An attack was carried out in Kuwait on a mosque during the Friday prayer and 27 people died.”

Many mosques were bombed in countries such as Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. Terrorist groups and imperialist states have vomited terrorism out on mosques. Minarets were destroyed, domes have collapsed. Believers performing their prayers were massacred. Mosques have burst into flames as the smell of blood and gunpowder reigned over the air. These are the clearest scenes of terrorism. If a state, a group, an organization is bombing a mosque, they can only be called terrorists. There is no debate here. What else can those who burst into God’s house, bomb worshippers and gun them down be called? Daesh or Al-Qaeda, the U.S. or Assad, a racist at the heart of Europe or a radical rightist…Does it matter? They are all attacking God’s house. They are all carrying out these attacks against our spirituality with their dark minds. They are all attacking our most sacred, most respected, most valuable sites. All terrorists have the same conscious and psychology. Neither their names nor whether they are a state or a group matters.

We are going through an age of rebellion in which our mosques are bombed. Those who destroy God’s house and murder us are going to answer to the real owner of these holy sites. We have no doubt about that. We also are going to fight against these villains. But we are going to follow the path of our wise King, Alija Izet Begovich. We are not going to become our enemies and we are going to fight to establish justice. We are going to fight to put an end to this regretful state God’s houses are in right now. We are going to abide by the holy message in our sacred scripture ordering us to “Respect the places where God’s name is mentioned.”


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