The regimes that resort to state terrorism - ERGÜN YILDIRIM

The regimes that resort to state terrorism

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is another politician abroad! He brings forward the oppressed people in the world. He talks about the Jerusalem invasion, the massacres in Myanmar, the refugees who have drifted from their homes, and the communities exposed to massacres. "The world is greater than five" motto covers all these. It is virtually a global style of politics that surpasses all these problems. He points out that the Muslim world is not sufficiently represented in this system. In the world order based on the initiative of five states, things are not really going well. Erdoğan also articulates this at every possible occasion. Erdoğan does not restrict himself to rhetoric on Turkey alone. He did the same on his last U.S. visit. By doing this, he actually represents another aspect of Turkey. It is the actorship of Turkey which involves equal representation in the world order, being the voice of the oppressed, and trying to save Muslims from slaughter and misery.

This time, Erdoğan's most striking reaction is the expression: "The regimes that resort to state terrorism." Thus, he draws attention to the most important and the most fundamental issues in the Middle East. Because terrorism does not only consist of Daesh, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) or the Democratic Union Party (PYD), all of which rebelled against the state. The terrorists are not the only elements which turn the area into a bloodbath. Every day, dozens of books and hundreds of articles are published about the insurgents in the Middle East. Orientalists, strategists, "so-called" jihadologists (!), Islamogists (!) obdurately fabricate new concepts. Salafis, jihadists, fundamentalists, radical Islamists, political Islamists, Sunni militias, modern fundamentalist Islam, Islamology, Jihadology... All these point to the insurgents as a problem. They even implicitly disgrace Islam as the culprit. No one writes about the instability, exploitation by imperialist states and their vileness that encourages local repressive regimes. Nobody investigates the ruins and trauma in the region caused by these states. The focus of all research is only on insurgents and Islamic movements. They regard them as the culprits for everything. It is supposed that everything will be all right when they are gone. However, there are two other major terrorist fronts. These are the structures which resort to state terrorism. Erdoğan points to these. He claims that a solution will not be possible unless this aspect of the problem is taken into consideration. The Assad regime resorts to state terrorism; in a similar vein, the Sisi regime, and the Saudi regime of Muhammed B. Selman also resorts to state terrorism. The Iranian regime resorts to state terrorism in Yemen. It is difficult for the Middle East to achieve peace as long as regimes continue to carry out these terrorist acts through the state. Insurgent terror will not end if the states vandalize through the instrument of the militia, and routinize violations and torture.

The Assad regime is a perfect example of such a structure that resorts to state terror! It does not hesitate to engage in any kind of violence to keep the Ba'ath regime alive. The civil war has been ongoing for seven years. Most of the cities were razed to the ground. The Iranian al-Hashd al-Shab militias and the Russian air force burned down cities like terrorists. They did not hesitate to engage in violation and massacres. Nearly a million people in Syria lost their lives. Half of the population have become refugees. Families have been torn apart; poverty and hunger have become widespread; and the society is devastated. All these are the disasters caused by a regime's terrorist acts.

So what is the U.S. doing? It does not hesitate to resort to terror through the PKK and the PYD. The U.S trains and provides them with trucks full of guns. When Turkey fought against them for its own safety, the legitimacy of its operations are being questioned. Erdoğan has spoken out very directly in the U.S. against these structures that are under the guardianship of the U.S. and threaten Turkey in the east of the Euphrates. He announced that Turkey will conduct an operation there too. His message was directly given to the U.S. Namely to our so-called ally, but at the same time a policy that supports terror structures against us.

In Syria, in Iraq, and in Yemen, the solution is obvious. Regimes will change, state terror will not be resorted to. Then the insurgents will have no legitimacy. Turkey highlights this. It shows the way to be rid of the terror acts of dictatorial regimes, insurgents, and imperialists. Turkey denies all forms of terror. State-supported or stateless... Only then the Middle East can be at peace. It offers a new solution to Turkey. Erdoğan has repeatedly done this in the Tehran summit, in Sochi and in the U.S.


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