Resistance in Idlib: We will not stand by and watch - ERGÜN YILDIRIM

Resistance in Idlib: We will not stand by and watch

Insurgents and states are so much alike! This is also the origin of destruction. Justice and oppression, authority and terror, light and dark, civilization and barbarism are all intertwined. Disaster has us surrounded in all its atrocity. Humanity has torn itself away from justice, light and kindness and fallen into barbarism.

This is happening in the Middle East, in our region. The destruction emanating from the chaotic darkness of humanity is taking place right in front of our noses. This is a tragedy. This tragedy is the intertwining of insurgents and states, their dissolving in one another’s bodies.

Insurgents burn, destroy and feed off crises. States burn, destroy and feed off chaos. As Bashar Assad massacred thousands of people in eastern Ghouta, driving them out of their homes, Russia massacred innocent children. It rained bombs on those fleeing. This action by Russia was the most damned display of the destructive nature of states. It did the same thing just three days ago by raining bombs over Idlib and killing at least 20 children in the name of fighting the opposition forces. The Assad regime is carrying out its barbarism under Russia's wings. Russia shows how big it is through burning and destroying. Iran demonstrates its barbarism by releasing Hashd al-Shaabi militias on the ground like a pack of wolves.

The U.S. has routinized state barbarism since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. It turned the Abu Ghraib torture center into hell. It destroyed the entire city of Mosul to get rid of the insurgents. Now, Mosul is deserted and soulless. The U.S. made a show of force against Russia. It showed how much more economic and faster it is able to destroy. The two imperialist states are using state-of-the-art technology. They are testing out their machines that kill and massacre better. They take pride in the murders that are caused by the killer machines they test. Because here, massacre is collective, concrete, fast and depends on the pleasure of performance. Massacres and destructions are carried out by human beings that have become the tools of great powers. Everyone is doing their job. Everyone is fulfilling the state's interest. What is shared is no longer considered as a crime. The shared crime dissolves away inside the common body. The subjects that are lost in this common body turn into robots. They are bombing cities, killing people, massacring children. And they call this a job. This is an amalgamated living machine made up of drafts of uncompassionate humans. There are neither humans nor subjects, there is only collectivism and the tortures and massacres rising from its animalistic existence.

The U.S., Russia and Iran are cooperating with militia forces to strike the insurgents using their methods. Iran's Hashd al-Shaabi, the U.S.'s Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and its Syrian affiliate Democratic Union Party (PYD), not only fight the insurgents, they think that whoever opposes them deserve everything they get. They leave the people with two options: to die or leave. They are burning houses, raping women, and spilling out their ethnic and sectarian hatred. These structures that states call "special forces" fight without any norms - just like terrorists. Terror has infiltrated these states' bodies and taken over their souls. For now they are fulfilling their devilish desires with their dark souls.

Idlib is now at the mercy of these states that have submitted their souls to terror. Three million people are in great fear. Turkey is the only one crying out, "We will not sit and idly watch the situation in Idlib." President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the one crying out. Our president is calling out to the world in five languages: "As Turkey, we have been fighting from the very beginning to stop the bloodshed in Syria. We protected our Syrian brothers and sisters without discriminating against them. We do not want a single Syrian brother or sister to be hurt today, just as we did yesterday. In the case the murder of thousands of innocent people is overlooked for the sake of the regime's interests, we cannot be an onlooker to such a game or be part of it."

This is Turkey's cry for hope. It is its resistance against the ongoing oppressions in the Middle East. It is the manifesto of resistance against dictatorial regimes and imperialists. It is a manifesto that gives the news of a new awakening stage in the people's awareness. It is a manifesto that explains that there is an option other than imperialists, dictators and insurgents. Europe has heard this. It has heard Erdoğan and Turkey, which are the voices of hope against tyranny. Turkey is now hope, justice, independence, and resistance.


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