Will the CHP make restoration? - ERDAL TANAS KARAGÖL

Will the CHP make restoration?

These days the pursuit of the coalition is in the center of the agenda, now that the meetings between the AK Party and CHP came to an end. CHP's restoration statement comes at the top of the subjects which were outstanding and could not be agreed upon.

CHP believes that during the 13 years that the AK Party was in power alone, there is a need for the restoration of the policies implemented from the politics to the foreign policy, from economy to education. Namely it wants a restoration government .

Well, with the CHP whose promises before the election were often discussed, in case a coalition is formed, with its own definition, in the subjects like especially the economy, foreign policy, education, politics and social policies that in 13 years fundamental changes were experienced, is there a need for a “restoration” government?

Does the AK Party which has already made a serious restoration to solve the chronicle economic problems which it inherited from the 2000s in the economy accept this restoration which is planned to be made in the economy that means to deny itself?

What will CHP really restore in the economy?

We cannot skip the restoration issue without asking the CHP some questions. For example;

Will the CHP restore the Turkish economy, which was graded as a level suitable for making investment, per capita income was increased thrice and moved up to an upper-intermediate income group from the pre-intermediate income group for the first time since 1994 ?

Will the CHP restore a process in which Turkey has been in the center of the gigantic energy projects, aimed to be an energy and finance center, in spite of the risk factors of its geography rapidly advancing to be a regional and global power?

Does the CHP, which gave place in its election declaration on decreasing the current account deficit as one of the structural problems and taking place among the promises of the CHP on how to decrease the high energy importation or not even the goals on this subject, seek to restore the economy?

Will a restoration be expected from the CHP which could not go beyond the very classical slogan words rather than offering a solution on the important titles on the solution of the structural problems in the Turkish economy just as increasing the domestic savings, allocating more shares for R&D, decreasing the energy importation ?

Even far from reducing the energy dependence, giving a promise to close the Akkuyu nuclear plant whose construction has been going on in order to be an alternative to the oil and natural gas and so rather than bringing a matter to a solution, will the CHP with a feature to stir up trouble make restoration?

What kind of restoration is the CHP thinking of in an economy which got rid of the profile of a country, which due to high debt and deficit in the budget in the past, namely as a result of the public finance administrated in a bad way, had to delay the debt payment 15 times and sign a Stand-by agreement with IMF 19 times?

Will the CHP make a restoration as the representative of the mentality that dragged the country into a heavy debt as a result of the policies they implemented for restoration, the coalition government the SHP (Social Democratic People's Party) that the CHP mentality was dominant formed with DYP (True Path Party) in 1991, in order to restore the economy in the Özal period?

Will the CHP, with its economic stance and politics involving very important questions, make a restoration which used to say “restoration” in the past and make the country need restoration and even radical reform?

Although we have to be thankful that the reforms realized in the last 13 years did not have any crisis in the economy that we used to have during the former coalition governments in spite of the political uncertainty that emerged after the June 7 election, will the CHP, which does not accept all these gains and even want to remove them, make a restoration?

We can ask a lot of questions like these.

Apart from finding answers to these questions, the AK Party- CHP coalition asking so many questions shows that forming a coalition and making it long-lasting is quite difficult.

Because it is obvious that the restoration government that the CHP advocates will have an approach of not focusing on the country's problems, but imprisoning the country in the circle in which it was stuck before.



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