Where is Iran running? - ERDAL TANAS KARAGÖL

Where is Iran running?

A new era started after removal of years of international sanctions on Iran, for which its nuclear program was the reason.

This process does not only concern Iran and Western countries; regional dynamics will be reshaped.

It is obvious that Iran, almost all of whose connections with world were cut under economic sanction for years, has great ambitions now that the sanctions have been removed. This was expected.

In the vision of a world where globalization has reached the peak and almost all borders have been removed in individual and social consumption, Iran had to be content with only watching this development from afar, despite its potential.

Moreover its potential is too great to ignore.

Even if it could only use natural gas and petroleum resources it had in global trade, they are a great source of wealth for the country on its own. Iran is the number one country in natural gas reserves in the world and among the top four countries in petroleum worldwide.

Without losing any time after removal of the sanctions, Iranian President Rouhani is taking an investment and trade tour within a broad scope from China to Europe showing that all parties want Iran to integrate into the global economy.

Such that one by one agreements have already begun to be signed in various areas, from the Airbus aircraft to infrastructure.

Actually the process proceeds both in an ordinary way and very fast. Iran has turned into a big market after lifting the sanctions.

There are Western countries which want to have a voice in this market and strengthen their political and economic relations with Iran in the region. They also want to dominate this big consumer market formed by Iran's population of almost 80 million people.

And Iran, by using this market opportunity, wants to establish the country from the beginning.

This is a renewal movement, including renewal extending from infrastructure to energy investments, to construction of buildings representing the culture of consumption – particularly shopping centers – from the energy field to the many branches of the service industry.

On the other hand, it is uncertain how such great capital flowing into Iran will be managed. Lack of a developed banking system, bureaucratic processes and lack of experience present a risk for Iran.


Iran's entering the oil and natural gas market especially as a new actor means a new alternative for energy-importing countries.

In this situation, cooperation with Turkey, which did not suspend its relations with Iran and continued its energy trade even when Iran was economically isolated, will have more importance.

Iran which wants to expand into overseas markets, will increase its energy trade volume which has already been ongoing with Turkey.

Also, in the possible natural gas and petroleum that Iran will sell to Europe, as more than a transition route thanks to its geopolitical position, Turkey can earn more.

Turkey's goal is not being a transit country in energy, but becoming an energy center.

Even for petroleum or natural gas it will deliver to other countries, its experience with Turkey will be a source of reference for Iran, which has problematic relations with Western countries.

On the other hand, Turkey's support to Iran is very important for determination of the status of the Caspian region which has been on the agenda recently.

In transfer of the energy resources in the Caspian, Turkey has also been an important actor in the TANAP (The Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline) project, which is continued with cooperation of Azerbaijan.

Besides entering new markets as a new actor, Turkey's becoming the gate for the Caspian opening to the world will further strengthen Turkey's influence on the energy equation in the region.

That is why, at a time sanctions on Iran are removed and the country is so popular, Iran needs Turkey more than ever.



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