Turkey's Political and Economic Stability as the Target - ERDAL TANAS KARAGÖL

Turkey's Political and Economic Stability as the Target

As Turkey was focused on the 2014 growth rates on Tuesday, an unfortunately unusual incident took up the agenda. Firstly, a blackout took place in 45 cities, including large cities like Istanbul and Ankara. This was subsequently followed by news which came from the Çağlayan Courthouse in Istanbul, indicating that the supporters of the Old Turkey got on the stage again.

Mehmet Selim Kiraz, the prosecutor who was handling the case of Berkin Elvan, -a young boy killed during the Gezi protests- was murdered by terrorists. The fact that the terrorists employed the use of weapons during the operation when security forces tried to communicate with them proves that their primary objective was to fire bullets at the peace and stability of the country.

It is precisely at this point that we must pay special attention to the actual causes and timing of this attack.

Chaos supporters will not be able to achieve their goals

Firstly, when we evaluate the causes behind terrorist activities, we are faced with the fact that whenever Turkey gains positive momentum, a chaotic plot is revealed. Following 2002, Turkey has achieved tremendous success in the economic and political sphere, which still cannot be acknowledged by some circles. In an unprecedented manner, Turkey was able to elect the governing party and increase its voting percentages in the past three general elections, as a token of an award for its efforts to strengthen the country, clinching political stability by itself.

As this situation was reflected on the economy, Turkey rose up to become a global power whereas before its economy was going downhill, and political instability skyrocketed with never-ending societal conflicts. We are now talking about a country which no longer is indebted to the IMF, and surpasses many developed countries in terms of macroeconomic aspects like inflation, deficit spending, GDP.

Turkey put forth a series of plans and programs for a new production structure and economic transformation with 2.9 percent growth rate in 2014, compared to countries of the EU where growth rates are below 1 percent.

On the other hand, there is a new Turkey which has successfully consolidated political and economic stability as well as societal reconciliation despite the ongoing conflicts in neighboring countries in the region. The New Turkey expresses great determination to continue proceeding on its path, despite all domestic and foreign attempts to halt its efforts, and embraces great projects which will end the aspirations of those who long for the Old Turkey with great projects, TANAP and the reconciliation process.

We had actually purported numerous times that Turkey's growing economy and its increasing strength in the region were the actual target and that the increasing efforts to create chaos between 2002-2014 and the second half of 2013 was based on disturbing economic and political stability.

In the Gezi incidents, December 17-25 coup attempts, and Tuesday's terrorist attack, the only objection was to disrupt the process in which Turkey was proceeding on the way to becoming the New Turkey.

Pro-Old Turkey supporters will play all their cards prior to the elections

Prior to the June 7 general election, we must be prepared for the attempts of those who long for the Old Turkey, and are under the command of political, economic and social tutelage wards. Those who wanted to terrorize the streets with Gezi incidents, and those who aimed to topple the democratically elected government on December 17, those attempting to create the perception of a crisis through speculative attacks may as well play all cards left in their hands until the June 7 election.

Because after June, nobody has the tiniest amount of doubt that there will be political uncertainty. In fact, the political stability which has lasted for the past 12 years will continue. This also means perpetuity of economic stability.

Furthermore, with the June 7 elections, a new process will start which will target a new economic leap, redounding the economy through new structural reforms, and a process in which Turkey will continue on the path to become a global actor in terms of energy.

For this very reason, to oppose all acts threatening the political and economic stability, societal peace and order, -such as the Gezi incident, the December 17 and 25 coup attempts and the latest terrorist attack- must be an obligation for all of us as a means to counteract them and build a New Turkey by 2023.



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