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The winner is TANAP; while December 17 fails

On Tuesday, the city of Kars hosted the groundbreaking ceremony for TANAP, the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline, which carries a very important project for New Turkey. TANAP’s construction phase in Turkey was initiated with the ceremony which was attended by President Erdogan, Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

The natural gas that will be extracted from the Shah Deniz gas field is planned to be transported to Europe via Turkey through the TANAP, which will be finished in 2018. The project, which will initially include a total of 16 billion cubic meters of natural gas transfers: 6 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Turkey and 10 billion cubic meters to Europe, by its final stage will provide transit for 31 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

Thanks to Azerbaijan and Turkey’s energy potential and political resoluteness, and Turkey’s energy policies, TANAP has become the primary arm for the energy corridor known as the Southern Gas Corridor. When the other source countries that will be added to the Southern Gas Corridor are also taken into consideration, it is obvious that this corridor is not just an energy project for Turkey. 
TANAP will increase Turkey’s prestige in the global arena

One of the biggest obstacles for Turkey’s economic recovery beginning after 2002 is energy needs and costs. The current deficit, which is a structural problem of the economy, was continuously fed by the energy input price in production. For the steadily growing Turkish economy, it has a function that supports every positive developmental production in the energy field. TANAP comes forth in light of Turkey responding to energy needs and guaranteeing diversity in energy supply.

The performance Turkey showed in the political, social, and economic fields after 2002 is embodied in the projects it has conducted and carried out, before all else is TANAP. Therefore in a sense, TANAP is proof that Turkey’s political and economic stability is progressing.

Furthermore, being one of the actors to implement a major project in all aspects like TANAP, to put forth the necessary resolve for these projects' progress and result towards success reflects New Turkey’s vision.
Just as TANAP will play a major role in the national economy by meeting Turkey’s energy needs and with the economic boom of the provinces it passes though it will supply an increase to the urban and regional employment, it will also contribute to Turkey’s political and economic prestige in the international arena.The fate of the world powers and societies’ economic and political agenda will be decided with energy by the 2000s. Where violence and conflict is not absent from the energy field, Turkey is acting upon a different mission.

This mission, includes that Turkey will be the leader of a peace bridge that will be constructed with energy. Just for that reason, it is being served as a way to block Turkey’s mission by weakening Turkey’s political and economic stability.


The power of December 17 was not enough for the New Turkey’s energy


It is clear that a lot of dynamics will be rearranged with Turkey taking an active role in the energy sector and by becoming an actor that determines energy policies. In connection, it seems like more than a coincidence that the December 17th coup attempt, which targeted Turkey’s political and economic stability, was on the same day that Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız was in Azerbaijan for TANAP.

Taner Yıldız stated, “If December 17th was successful, then today TANAP would not have been mentioned.” This puts forth that the real reason for the December 17th coup was to stop Turkey’s energy projects, which are one of the nation’s pillars.

The group was bothered by Turkey’s energy policy, just like in TANAP, Turkey’s effectiveness in carrying Kurdish oil from the Northern Iraq region was trying to be decreased. Minister Taner Yıldız, who played a major role in this process, was taken as a target. TANAP’s continuation on its path shows that Turkey’s role in Northern Iraq oil has increased and the beginning of talks of Turkey’s flow is a declaration that the December 17th coup was not successful.

At this point we’ve reached, the power of December 17 was not enough to halt New Turkey’s energy projects and the New Turkey will continue on its path at full throttle.


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