The elections in June will designate the New Economy - ERDAL TANAS KARAGÖL

The elections in June will designate the New Economy

The Turkish economy had taken a different path after 2002. Turkey, who experience the biggest economic crisis in it's history in 2001, experienced recoveries in many indicators of economy due to the political consistency provided by AK Party, as they become the single rulership.

So much so that, today, we are accepting the economic consistency and political consistency as synonyms. Because in the past 12 years, we possessed an economy which is advancing and gradually growing and being unaffected, despite many attempts domestically and externally.

The reality that is accepted theoretically and practically is that the economic consistency has a direct relation with political consistency. Especially for the economies of developing countries like Turkey, the economy's road map is being drawn with the developments in the political field. Thus, the political consistency in Turkey had opened the door to the positive process in many economic indicators like growth, inflation, foreign investment amount.

We are looking at a success, which carried the income per capita from the low income group to the medium-high income group in just a 5-year period between 2002 and 2007, and successfully managed the 2008 global economic crisis. Many countries were on the verge of going bankrupt and the crisis had the European Union experience the highest cost in their history, which changed the face of a country in public investments like education, healthcare and transportation. The key to this success was the political consistency's contribution towards economic consistency.

The June election is the name of a new leap, not only in a political sense, but also economically

We've seen that during the 2007 and 2011 general elections, the political and economic consistency came out triumphant and that the majority of the community had decided on the side of the continuity of the gains acquired within 12 years. Now we are facing another general election. The June election will be the beginning of a new period, where we will experience a new leap, not only in a political sense but also economically.

In such an environment, where the global growth slowed down, the developed countries fell behind the developing countries in terms of economic growth, and where the economic and political agenda was no longer monopolized by certain countries, Turkey should continue advancing by stepping up the pace of this process it started with the New Turkey vision.

Because the dynamism, which started in the 2000s, in the power balance in the global economy that had caused a quake effect together with the global economic crisis in 2008. As the developed countries, who couldn't return to their old days no matter what they do, were looking for a way out, the developing countries, Turkey being in the first place, continued experiencing growth in their country economies.

In the forthcoming quarter century, the moves of these countries will designate whether the power balance will continue being on the side of the developing country economies like Turkey or not.

Turkey, who is announcing a structural transformation reform package, despite entering the election process, unwaveringly continues it's investments like the 3rd Bridge and 3rd Airport in Istanbul and implementing regional action plans, is becoming an example to the developing country economies by making these moves. As for the political consistency in Turkey, which wants to continue this change in the past 12 years with a new leap; it's the touchstone of this objective.

Political inconsistency will play a key role in regional development

Thus the general elections in June is equal to saying that Turkey is on the verge of a new period. Actually, having no question marks about the results of the elections is already showing us that the consistency will continue for Turkey, who is advancing towards its 2023 objectives.

However, what's being aimed at is not only the development of the country and the continuation of the economic growth. The objective is to include all the regions and cities in the economic activity, increase the economic prosperity in every region of the country and remove the economic inequality between the regions.

In 12 years, the visibility and effectiveness of a segment, which had been factionalized politically, socially and economically and pushed to the side, has been provided in every field. Now, the next thing is to actualize the reflection of prosperity, income and development on every region and city.

Thus, the recovery experienced economically nation-wide will present itself on a micro level as well. Then, not only Istanbul and Ankara, but also cities like Diyarbakır and Erzurum will be regarded as the centers of economy.


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