Pro-tutelage circles are on stage again - ERDAL TANAS KARAGÖL

Pro-tutelage circles are on stage again

The pro-tutelage circles, who have blocked Turkey for several years, kept the nation and the economy imprisoned in a confined space, taken side with supporters of the existing conditions (the status quo), not the people, are on the stage once again.

This tutelage understanding, having settled in the country's economy, politics and social areas, even in its cells, had withdrawn due to the powerful political rulership in 2002.

From time to time, just as it happened in the Republic meetings arranged with the “367 strangeness”, just as it threatened the social peace of the country with the headline “411 hands were raised for chaos”, just as the street terror experienced against the elected rulership during the Gezi events, just as they attempted a coup infiltrating the state institutions on December 17-25, just as they caused October 6-8 events by using Kobani as an excuse, many times we witnessed what the pro-tutelage circles, that swarmed into politics, economy, judgment and media, have been doing to turn back to their tremendous days.

And now, Turkey has been giving the toughest struggle in real terms to get rid of its tutelages.

In these attempts, namely the effort to cause a political unrest and social conflict, there are two remarkable points: Firstly, the targeting of the political rulership that got the support of the people's majority in the elections, for whatever reason, and the other one is; whenever Turkey plays an effective role in the region and international arena from the economic point of view, right after that these events aiming at instability are experienced.

Let's remember what happened

Let's remember,

In May of 2013, when the Gezi events started, Turkey, which was under the oppression of the IMF for years, paid its debt to the IMF, and did not have another agreement with the IMF. That was the period when the country had the lowest risk premium.

Also, in the same period, Northern Iraq's oil that was the favorite of especially Europe and global energy actors, started to be carried to the international markets via Turkey.

As it was obvious that Northern Iraq's oil couldn't be used without Turkey sitting around the table, wasn't the reason for what has been experienced to weaken Turkey's power in the region?

Rather than a country strong with the regional energy, they want a country they can easily lead. Doesn't this explain the process after the second half of 2013?

Prioritizing their own benefits, who is being disturbed about a Turkey that is the place for stability and peace in the region and has a voice?

On the other hand, on December 17, while the structure having settled in the judgment and police department attempted a coup targeting the elected government, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner YILDIZ was in Azerbaijan for TANAP, which is defined as the “project of the century”..

If the strong support of the people wasn't behind the rulership and if this coup attempt was not prevented, could we talk about the TANAP today?

Why was it a problem when Turkey, independent from external powers, developed a will power for resolution for the first time on the Kurdish issue that the European Union has been using for years to criticize and erode Turkey?

Not with the enforcement of any countries, was it the problem when Turkey took on the resolution of the Kurdish issue with its own decision and got rid of its shackles?

Who does the effort to end the Resolution Process, which was for solving the Kurdish issue that the political and economic tutelages were fed with in Turkey, serve? Who are disturbed about the development, progress and wealth in Eastern Anatolia?

The answer to the “who” question points to the tutelage circles

The answer to these questions is the same as the answer to the question: “Who is making use of the situation when the economic and political inequality is at the highest level, the economic crises are usual, the investments stop, the country can't pay its debts, the poverty increases and the low income group is forced to pay the price of all these?”

As a continuous growth has been experienced in the country's economy, as the national and international big investments and projects have been made, as the low and middle income groups have been making use of the services given by the government equally, as Turkey has been the fortress for the political and economic stability in the region, those who want to end this progress are on stage with terror this time.

The moment Turkey begins to determine its own economic and political agenda, it is subject to countless internal and external shocks.

Those who see not being able to form a government and the political uncertainty after June 7 as an opportunity, are using terror as the dirtiest means to make the old tutelage dominant again.

They think they could succeed in whatever they wanted in Turkey when there is no political stability.

The aim is “to kill the belief and hope for the “New Turkey”. But, in the New Turkey there isn't and there won't be a place any more for what they could easily do in the “Old Turkey”.


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