New Turkey's 2nd Progress Period - ERDAL TANAS KARAGÖL

New Turkey's 2nd Progress Period

As we are approaching the June 7th general elections, every political party is announcing their statements, related with how they will shape Turkey's future, to the public. The forthcoming statement from AK Party, which started its rulership journey in 2002 and continued this journey by increasing its votes in both general elections in 2007 and 2011, has been expected for days.

The interest and curiosity shown to the statement announced by Prime Minister Davutoğlu yesterday was not only related with AK Party as the rulership, but also related with the future vision it presents. In some way, this statement is expressing that the political, social and economic transformation actualized in Turkey during the last 12 years will be continuing with a new progress.

AK Party is the architect of the process comprising objectives from 2001 to 2023

In 2001, as well as many other fields, AK Party had taken over a completely wrecked economy. As for the point arrived at in the economy after 12 years, AK Party; successfully managed the 2008 global economic crisis, which had deeply shaken many countries, especially European countries, that are in the upper-middle income group nowadays; reduced inflation down to a single digit number; constructed an economic structure, which reduced the loan interest from levels of 60% to 7%.

These recoveries in the macroeconomic indicators had reduced the fragility against the outer shocks, while expanding the maneuvering room for the Turkish economy. The positive process in the economy also provided an increase in the shares that people, who are in the lower and middle income group in the mid and long term, got from the national income.

This is also the most distinctive feature of AK Party's successful performance in the economy during its 12-year rulership. In other words, while the display in the country's economy was gravitating towards being positive, this transformation was reflected on the nation, rather than just on a certain segment, as though it took place in the old periods.

As a result of the implementations carried out in the country's economy, the social spending was increased; thus the community's and individuals' prosperity also increased. This situation is forming the actual justification behind the nation's acceptance of the economic success.

When the works/studies done in economy during the 2002 - 2014 periods are examined under many titles, the Turkish economy's progress can easily be understood. However, we already know that the point at which we stand with the economy won't be sufficient for the objective “2023 Turkey” and we require new great progress phases. Because New Turkey requires new great lunges politically, socially and economically.

Thus, the beginning date of New Turkey's second progress will be June 7th.

The second progressive phase will start in the new economy

The past 12 years was a period, where there had been many radical changes, and reforms had been implemented in order for the Turkish economy to get rid of old habits and burdens. Now, we are looking at a new beginning.

The mortar of this beginning will be the channeling of the gains, which are being procured while the macroeconomic consistency is maintained, to microeconomic transformation with all its potential. At that point, the focus will be on the sectoral transformation that will gain a new momentum in Turkey's economy. While an effort will be put into increasing the economic contribution from the many sectors, which form the essential building stones of the country's economy, on the other hand, importance will be attached to different sectors, where activity and efficiency are low.

The emphasis on structural transformation programs, remarks that the success in economy is the most active tool of Turkey in global politics, and the fact that the transformation with other fields will be destroying the new paradigm, is showing the determination in the matter of the New Economy.

We need to state that this determination has a remarkable feature in AK Party's vision of the economy. While the acquired success makes the objectives for the New Economy more realistic, at the same time, it's a source of motivation for maintaining success.

If new objectives would be put forth in every topic, for a paradigm change in the economy, then these objectives stand as the evidence that we shouldn't fear change, and the country will take action by designating its own agenda for the economy.


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