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It will become clear towards mid-August

Finally, the official procedure started processing; on the “Government Day”, President Erdoğan assigned Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu to establish the government.

On the Government Day, in other words on Thursday, the day when the meeting of the President, Chief of Defense and MIT Undersecretary was held.

In general, the task of establishing the government is assigned after the Turkish Parliamentary Speaker's Office Council has been formed; however, due to the disagreement between MHP and HDP, the establishment of the Council is prolonged.

While it is being prolonged, various new tensions are being “invented” in Ankara.

For example, Mahmut Tanal, who seems to have the skill of destroying a coalition on his own, starts hurling curses (wherever he got that attribute…) when the Turkish Parliamentary Speaker's General Assembly compulsorily uses an on/off switch.

By the way (let us note down the above information and move on), despite possessing the same number of parliamentarians, MHP was refusing to have the same number of parliamentarians as HDP in the Turkish Parliamentary Speaker's Office Council with the justification of having a higher voting rate, while saying “I should have one more”; according to the Internal Regulation. In the end, both of them will be given 3 parliamentarian seats in the council; however, the establishment of the government has been prolonged due to this and these types of incidents.

It's not too long; if the normal conditions were applied, most possibly Davutoğlu was going to be assigned with the task on Tuesday night. However, now, he was charged on Thursday night.

Four black cars departed from the Çankaya Mansion and after a short time entered the Presidential Palace in Beştepe through the main gates.

In other words, all the fuss and rumors were just for 48 hours.

Remember the rumors like “the President will prolong it as much as he can…”; since it also has limits, in two days they disappeared.

“The government and President will pick a war, thus postpone the elections and establishment of the government, and move on…”

It's not finished; the false claims, rumors and speculations are continually spreading in Ankara.

We are full of them.

We grew tired of telling our addressees, who ask about another mind-boggling possibility every day, this; “No way. Don't believe this kind of nonsense.”

On Sunday, appointments will be made with all three parties. The plan is to conduct meetings with all the parties on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Within a short tour, all of the three parties will announce their opinions, principles and policies mutually.

In this first round, all parties will register each other.

It seems that the foreplay section before the conflict had been planned towards the end of Ramadan.

During the second tour after Ramadan, details, principles and protocol possibilities will be laid on the table, according to the first round observations. No negotiation with HDP is being planned, since no coalition proposal had been directed to them in the first period.

In any case, the incident of HDP's Co-Chairman Demirtaş's “adolescent” reply on twitter to the party who is preparing to negotiate with them, is a matter that will be discussed seriously. It seems that Demirtaş liked these kinds of “games”; however, he is having difficulty maintaining his balance as we can see in this recent example.

On the AK Party side, the idea is of maturing the protocol with reciprocal negotiations between all the party committees in the second round and having the meetings between leaders afterwards. If all the other parties accept this, it will happen this way.

Since the one-on-one meeting option raises many different speculations afterwards, that possibility is weak.

In short, next week the negotiations are officially starting.

If you ask me about MHP's tactics or attitude for the first two rounds; it seems like MHP is planning to keep the door closed as much as possible and sit on the table stronger, if no agreement with CHP is reached.

Due to the opposing positions within itself and the language it used before the elections, and for 13 years, CHP is in a difficult position; unavoidably the idea of being included in the same government sounds difficult.

However, they are also getting used to it.

Similar to how everyone and every party is getting used to the new situation…

In the end, within a month, we will see whether a coalition is being formed or we are heading for the elections again.

Let's see what the August heat will bring?


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