A new era for the Reconciliation Process and economy - ERDAL TANAS KARAGÖL

A new era for the Reconciliation Process and economy

Important accomplishments gradually materialized in 2013 for the Kurdish issue that is negatively affecting social and economic life. From the moment it started, the period deemed as the Reconciliation Process has been inflicted with many interruptions.  With the desired climate of social disorder and conflict, the process was constantly being sabotaged.

Such that, it is not a coincidence that the dates, when destabilization repeatedly occurred due to political and economic tutelage powers in Turkey from 2013 until now, clashed when the Reconciliation Process was progressing. It is worth remembering that as soon as the Reconciliation Process began, Turkey was entering 2013 with hope when it came face to face with, first, the assassinations in Paris ,and then the incidents in the Gezi protests.

It should also not be forgotten that before the Gezi incidents, Turkey; had just paid its debt off to the IMF, found it unnecessary to get into another debt agreement, was enjoying a period when the country’s risk premium was decreasing and the interest payments were at their lowest.

The purpose of those who alleged that with the Gezi incidents an economic crisis was at the door was to block the New Turkey, which was rising in the terms of economic and social prosperity. The Reconciliation Process, one of the main components for this rising, was the target intended to be  finished.

Door to regional development will be unlocked by the Reconciliation Process

Despite all of this, the strong political backing and economic stability is the leading motivator of the unwavering progress of the Reconciliation Process.  Through strong political will, the Reconciliation Process has reached an important phase.

The Reconciliation Process, which will institute peace and security in the eastern and southeastern regions, will at the same time take the weight of recovery off of Turkey’s back. This is because the eastern and southeastern regions, remembered by violence for years, will enter a new era.  While over 30 years the amount of investment left behind in these regions has amounted to roughly 40 billion TL, it has been pronounced that by 2018 the investment goal would be around 30 billion TL.

There is a new path in front of Turkey, which gained experience from an environment where uncertainty and insecurity were caused by the chain of investments, production and employment, not taking action. Despite all of the internal and external interventions, this path will conclude with success and not only pave the way for economic growth in the region, but also ensure that Turkey will easily reach its economic goals for 2023.

It is known that Turkey will use its regional advantages in the wake of the Reconciliation Process. Thus, the differences among plans that would be implemented according to the region and city’s potential and the development between regions will be lifted.

The biggest complaint of the region’s community has been the unemployment issue, which will be significantly decreased with the application of the GAP project that has been newly announced by Prime Minister Davutoglu and similar plans and projects to promote investment.

However, in order to execute the course of action in the preconditioned area, peace and security must be built in the region. It must not be forgotten that this will be made possible with the Reconciliation Process and the role that it will play for regional development.

While the Reconciliation Process is marching forward, the last hand is being dealt

While the Reconciliation Process is marching forward, the hope and trust it put forth along with the announcement of an action plan has given Turkey’s economy a positive acceleration.  Today we can express that the action plan, which includes agriculture, livestock and tourism will change the face of the cities and regions.

Even though the Reconciliation Process has still not been completed, the positive synergy emanating from it will bring many changes to the economy. The energy sector is one of the areas that will feel the effects the most. Within the extent of the action plan, which will accelerate with the Reconciliation Process, new power plants will be constructed. In addition, the search for energy in the region will speed up.

In such a climate, where other indicators in the economy are not showing an adverse situation, the US dollar gaining value in a speculative manner is again an attempt at political and economic destabilization.

The speculation of the US dollar came just as the Reconciliation Process took a positive step, and at the same time right before the beginning ceremony in the Kars province for TANAP, which is the most important arm of the South Stream Pipeline. Yet again, it is significant that the December 17 coup attempt coincided on the same day with the meetings for TANAP. 

It's obvious that the goal is to restrain Turkey to its old boundaries by ending the Reconciliation Process. For this reason, it shouldn't be overlooked that the Reconciliation Process is not only a political and social project, but at the same time it is a gateway from which Turkey’s economy can excel. 


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