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Resist Turkey…

The Kurdish citizens of this country should understand that the issue is not “Kobane”. What will happen to Kobane is not even a concern for evil powers. The objective is dragging Turkey into a regional chaos. The scenario edited by the imperialist po... more

The new Turkey process

The first steps opening the way to the ''New Turkey'' were realized by the late President Turgut Özal. It turned out that Özal could only advance these steps when he found a more suitable ground, such as his presidential era. On the other hand, when... more

CHP"s challenge with "Mufti"s Goat"*

During CHP, or the Republican People''s Party''s ruling era, the ''Mufti''s'' goat would be stolen and this would have taken place in the partisan media as ''Mufti had stolen the goat''. We had left those days behind and finally we had witnessed the ... more

New Turkey, New Economy…

Since we are talking about "New Turkey", then we have to bring up the "new economy" subject. In the world, where the main dynamic of the global capitalist system is "Financial markets", "new ideas" and "new escape routes" are being propounded for a w... more

About "New Turkey"…

If we take a look at the thoughts of one of the big thinkers of the Islamic civilization, Ibn Haldun, just as humans, states also have a time of death. When that time arrives, frazzling states will be replaced with another one, which is constructed v... more

New CHP, but how?

After 1950, CHP got close to being the ruling party in the 1973 elections. The "CHP + Army= Rulership" formula had been abandoned, and Bülent Ecevit, who had overthrown the "National Chef" Ismet Pasha, had opened CHP to the public. Ecevit was represe... more

The smiling Islam at the face of destruction

Today the city of Damascus and Baghdat, which were once the capitals of Islamic civilization, have been diminished and split asunder. It seems that separation did not only occur in terms of location, ethnicity or sect but also in spirit. Masses who c... more


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