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Turkish economy cannot be designed with a coup attempt

Ignoring the national will, the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) that tried to stage a coup, targeted the political dynamics of this country. If the coup had been successful, FETÖ would have caused an economic chaos. But the “national will” that i... more

We should discuss Syrians' adaptation process

The “open door” policy that was implemented for five years to the refugees who came from Syria has been discussed in different aspects especially in the last two years. The discussion that initially condensed on whether to accept the Syrian refugees ... more

A new period in the East and Southeast

Economic activity in the east and southeast has been negatively affected by terrorism since June 7. Ankara repeatedly stressed that the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) is trying to create chaos in the region. The real force that will start a new perio... more

To continue or not for the UK?

The United Kingdom will vote for the future of its relations with the EU on June 23. According to the result of the Brexit made up of the words “Britain” and “Exit,” both the UK and the EU will draw up a road map.This isn't the UK's first dilemma in ... more

Is it a political crisis or a systemic crisis?

In previous years we saw that many structural problems, political issues and economic systems being open to influence from domestic and foreign effects brought crisis to the country's economy. The 2001 economic crisis was the clearest example of this... more

The road to visa-free Europe

It has been 50 years since Turkey embarked on its adventure for European Union membership.In the process that started after signing the partnership agreement with the European Economic Community in 1963, Turkey has always faced new criteria, obstacle... more

Presidential system through the window of economy

As the discussions on the new constitution continue, the headlining agenda in this discussion is the presidential system. The question of whether to continue with the parliamentary system or start a new era in the political mechanism with the preside... more

A new chapter in Turkey's EU adventure: Syria

Turkey, which is home to 2.5 million refugees, is showing great performance in the refugee issue. Besides, although it has a developing economy and internal and external problems, it is not taking the easy way out by saying “It isn't my problem.” So ... more

Can Turkey be a central country for energy?

The answer to the question “Can Turkey be a central country for energy?” will directly affect the place of Turkey in the region's politics and economy.With this awareness and taking into consideration the relationship between energy and the developme... more

Will the Caspian's status change the energy equation?

Turkey is fast becoming the Caspian region's energy hub. For this reason, it needs to consider all the energy dynamics in the region. One of these energy dynamics is the Caspian Sea region.Like energy resources in the Mediterranean and Middle East be... more


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