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The economy's referendum expectation

Turkey's economy, which has for the past 15 years achieved a widely acknowledged growth trend, is now at the furthest point that it can possibly reach within the existing system. The difficulty of writing a new success story with this system has beco... more

Who will determine the energy route in Eastern Mediterranean?

The Eastern Mediterranean is a region that has high potential in terms of energy supply security. The increased likelihood of carrying natural gas to Turkey and through to EU countries increases the significance of the Eastern Mediterranean in the fi... more

The referendum and the social state

We have entered the campaign process for the referendum on constitutional reforms that includes a change in the country's government system through which those who want to design the economy and politics by taking advantage of the dilemmas of the par... more

New era with Gulf countries

The strengthening of relations with Gulf countries as a result of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visits will have an impact on many areas of the economy. Relations with Qatar and Bahrain, and especially Saudi Arabia, will accompany major developmen... more

The presidential system

The Foundation of Political, Economic and Social Researches (SETA) held the Presidential System Symposium at Istanbul's Haliç Congress Center on Saturday with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. SETA photographed the transformation t... more

Strategic country in energy

The advantage its geographical location provides Turkey has started to become most prominent in the energy sector. A strategic advantage is in question. This advantage not only gives Turkey the opportunity to provide energy to meet its own needs at a... more

Economy in the presidential system

The referendum process on the presidential government system will begin with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's approval of the amendments. Then, we will enter an intense election atmosphere of campaigning. In this atmosphere, which will be shaped by t... more

Constitutional Amendment, a chance for a new economic system

Turkey has desired to implement changes in its economic system, its usual structure and, most importantly, its production base. It is exerting strong willpower and determination to ensure this change takes place. However, it isn't really possible for... more

Barons lying in ambush to hike interest

Is so much fluctuation in the foreign exchange rate normal? Is this fluctuation caused by the overall state of the economy? Frankly, the re-appreciation of the Turkish lira with a sudden reaction after such severe activity in foreign exchange and the... more

Is energy the cause of asymmetric attacks on Turkey?

The 21st century is the century of natural gas. Many countries with natural gas resources are located in the north, east and south of Turkey. Therefore, Turkey is a country that has strategic significance in energy. Turkey stands out in the energy fi... more

Turkey will break the terror siege as well

In recent years, there has been a desire to siege Turkey in all fields. We saw how the group that was unsuccessful with the July 15 coup attempt tried to play around with the dollar exchange rate in order to create an economic coup. But, this time, u... more

With Russia again a year later

The crisis that started with the downing of the Russian jet last year is finally reaching a solution a year later. It reached an end with Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım's Russia visit.The essential energy matter that has immunity as well as regional ... more


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