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New Turkey on path to becoming center for skilled workforce

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu announced the final batch of initiatives in the Priority Transformation Program, which is also included in the 10th Development Plan and the Medium Term Plan. The “program to become a center that attracts a skilled work... more

Could Syriza become Greece’s AK Parti?

The main opposition Syriza party emerged victorious in elections held in Greece over the weekend. The outcome didn’t come as a surprise since Greece has been stuck in an economic bottleneck for a long time now. There was a high probability that this ... more

New Turkey’s ascent in Africa

President Erdoğan preferred Africa for his first trip’s destination abroad in 2015. This preference carries more significance from the point of New Turkey’s political and economic vision.Similar to the many habits that had changed in New Turkey, the ... more

Are conditions favorable for a rate cut?

Discussions are ongoing about the unexpected policy rate increase from 4.5 percent to 10 percent in January 2014. The reason cited for a total reduction of the policy rate by 1.75 points during May, June and July of that year, its remaining constant ... more

Why is economic stability being targeted?

It looks like the same situation awaits us in 2015 where frequent mention will be made of how things are not well in the economy and how every step taken will be presented as a crisis. This has been the case ever since a process was started after May... more

Turkey within the EU-Russia equation

The impact zone created by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Turkey continues to intensify and spread in waves each passing day. The primary reason for this is that Putin changed the South Stream card he had in hand, and has brought that in... more

A game of chess regarding energy in the eastern Mediterranean

The global energy agenda is reset each day based on different incidents, new moves and new actors. A new process gathered speed and a new dimension was added when Vladimir Putin, during his visit to Turkey, said the South Stream would be rerouted thr... more

Why is Putin coming?

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin will be in Turkey today in order to participate in the Russia-Turkey Senior Cooperation Council (ÜDİK). This meeting, which will be realized in the name of increasing and reinforcing the economic relations, has a sep... more

The bar is being raised for the economy

It would prove beneficial to provide some clarifications about remarks made by the CHP’s (Republican People’s Party) deputy leader, Selin Sayek Böke, on the Turkish economy in an interview with the Hürriyet newspaper.Actually, upon examination of eco... more

Turkey widens its scope yet again

It seems like agreement has replaced the political and economic tensions that existed between the Northern Iraq Regional Administration and the Iraqi central government. The coming together of Baghdad and Arbil at the Atlantic Council Energy and Econ... more

What was discussed at the G20?

The G20 Leaders’ Summit, hosted by the Australian city of Brisbane, concluded with the release of a communiqué. This summit, which is held in a different country each year, had significance for Turkey.Turkey will take over the rotating presidency of ... more


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