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The presidential system and its economic perspective

The Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) organized a symposium entitled “Presidential System Implementations and Road Map for Turkey” to which President Erdoğan attended and where the “Presidential System Implementations in t... more

It's update time for the Customs Union

The Customs Union Agreement, which came into effect on January 1, 1996, continued to be implemented without having any changes for the last 20 years. The agreement, which was appropriate for the conditions of that period and accepted to help the Turk... more

The 'Energy' in the election statements of political parties

As the June 7th general elections are approaching, the political parties are continuing to present pledges to their voters in many matters. The most prominent topic in the election statements is, once again, economy.One of those matters, “energy” is ... more

Populism of the elections

First the AK Party announced its election manifesto, followed by the Republican People's Party (CHP) and the HDP. Election manifestos are crucial because they serve as a guideline explaining the political, economic and social pledges of political par... more

New Turkey's 2nd Progress Period

As we are approaching the June 7th general elections, every political party is announcing their statements, related with how they will shape Turkey's future, to the public. The forthcoming statement from AK Party, which started its rulership journey ... more

Turkey and Iran in regional cooperation

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had paid a visit to Iran to participate in the Second High Level Cooperation Council. The meeting holds significant clues about the course of Turkey-Iran relations in the new era as it took place despite differences of ... more

Turkey's Political and Economic Stability as the Target

As Turkey was focused on the 2014 growth rates on Tuesday, an unfortunately unusual incident took up the agenda. Firstly, a blackout took place in 45 cities, including large cities like Istanbul and Ankara. This was subsequently followed by news whic... more

The elections in June will designate the New Economy

The Turkish economy had taken a different path after 2002. Turkey, who experience the biggest economic crisis in it's history in 2001, experienced recoveries in many indicators of economy due to the political consistency provided by AK Party, as they... more

The winner is TANAP; while December 17 fails

On Tuesday, the city of Kars hosted the groundbreaking ceremony for TANAP, the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline, which carries a very important project for New Turkey. TANAP’s construction phase in Turkey was initiated with the ceremony which was... more

A new era for the Reconciliation Process and economy

Important accomplishments gradually materialized in 2013 for the Kurdish issue that is negatively affecting social and economic life. From the moment it started, the period deemed as the Reconciliation Process has been inflicted with many interruptio... more

Energy Exchange will strengthen new economy

With the Energy Markets Incorporation (EPİAŞ) law that came into existence in 2013, the process of establishing an Energy Exchange was launched and now we have an Energy Exchange. This major project, which is expected to positively impact balances in... more

How will the Resolution Process affect regional development?

Besides the severe political and social cost poured onto Turkey by the Kurdish issue, which had been ongoing for more than 30 years, there was also an economic burden. It’s definite that if the resources, which had been transferred to defense and sec... more

New Turkey’s first representation at the G20

The first meeting of the year for the G20, which brings together the leading 20 economies in the world, was hosted by term president Turkey. The main issues affecting the global economy were discussed during the meeting attended by G20 finance minist... more


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