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The world's energy is in Istanbul

The 23rd World Energy Conference commenced in Istanbul yesterday. The conference convenes once every three years. The first gathering, organized in 1924, was formerly known as the World Power Conference. The name had been changed in 1968, but it can be said that the conference has served its initial name up until the 2000s.

Turkey hosted the World Energy Conference in 1977 for the first time. The only reality behind Turkey hosting and bringing together the supplier and the buyer 40 years later is: Although Turkey doesn't have fossil energy resources like petrol and natural gas, its geographic location, and political and economic stability have put Turkey into a position of supply security.

This is because we are in a period in which being rich in energy resources is not enough. The important factors are having the ability to distribute energy resources with different cooperation, share them and transport them to international markets. I am talking about directing energy, not owning it. He who directs energy will be able to direct economic and political power, too.

The main theme of the 23rd World Energy Conference was “Embracing New Horizons.” The new horizons motto is a symbol of new actors in the energy market, a new understanding, new technologies and production techniques and a new period...

Turkey reassures with its energy

The World Energy Conference being held in Istanbul and all the sides coming together indicate that Turkey will be placed at the center of energy.

This conference, offering Turkey the opportunity to become the center of energy, gives Turkey the chance to increase its political and economic prestige in the international arena.

Therefore, Turkey aiming to become the center of energy is only one of its purposes. The real importance of the World Energy Conference is that, Turkey now has the chance to express itself to the international arena after being negatively represented following the July 15 coup attempt. Because, the world's most important energy companies' directors, owners, presidents and governments will be present at the conference in Istanbul.

It has only been three months since the July 15 coup attempt and now Turkey is hosting a world renowned organization. Not hesitating or feeling insecure, close to 10,000 participants from 85 countries will come to Istanbul for the conference and Turkey will be host of the family portrait expected to be taken on the day.

Furthermore, being negatively rated by credit rating agencies, having unstable neighbors such as Syria and Iraq, dealing with terrorist organizations like the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ), Daesh and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and its Syrian franchise the Democratic Union Party (PYD), have not been able to take Turkey off its track or affect its economy.

This is evidence to prove that Turkey's economic and political stability is rather strong.

Turkey has not wandered from its 'energy center' goal

Turkey seeking to be the center of energy and the projects it started for this purpose have made Turkey significant in the region in terms of energy. TANAP, TAP, and the Turkish Stream projects are very important in this respect. Thus, TANAP, TAP, and the Turkish Stream projects will be discussed during this conference, too.

Besides, investments and cooperation on LNG, which is expected to be an alternative to natural gas pipelines and will contribute to energy supply security, will also be on the conference's agenda.

Turkey has the opportunity to express its strengths, its determination and potential to energy shareholders and actors, if it wants to achieve its “center of energy” goal.

The importance of Turkey for energy suppliers is that, Turkey is a country that demands energy and can provide the most secure economic route to transfer energy to Europe. The energy pipelines being planned to be planted under Turkish soil gives both suppliers and demanders economic security.

In conclusion, Turkey, the host of the World Energy Conference, will become a bridge that ties together the East and the West for energy purposes. But, besides the logistics side, the increase and acceleration in energy projects will become the insurance of peace and security in the region.

This will then bring Turkey a step closer to becoming the center of energy trade.


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