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New roadmap new excitement

With President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan being Justice and Development Party (AK Party) chairman again, a new era in politics has also begun. This period until 2019 is actually a transition period in which the institutional structuring of the presidential government system will take shape. The institutions that stand out in this structuring are, of course, ministries.

With Erdoğan becoming party chairman again, his orders for all ministries to determine a six-month roadmap indicate the importance of the ministries' performance during the transition period.

It is no longer a time of defense but spurt in the economy which has maintained its strong stance against interventions which have escalated in violence since 2023, such as the Gezi Park protests, Dec. 17/25 period and July 15 coup attempt. That is to say, the roadmap that the ministries will prepare for the rise of the country's economy, which is constantly on the defense and has to be on the defense, will be the beginning.

In this way, it will be easier for the AK Party to meet expectations after the referendum, respond to the question "where were we", and most importantly, to remove the uncertainties from the markets.

In addition, drawing the route to be followed until 2019 will ensure a well-prepared entry into 2019. This is because local elections, parliamentary elections and presidential elections will take place in 2019. So, the next two years will also determine the results of the 2019 elections. Therefore, the roadmap to be shaped and implemented will also lead Turkey to 2023 and determine the players who will manage it until 2023.

Given that each ministry will prepare a six-month roadmap, it is clear that this plan will cover many areas. However, the economy stands out among these areas. This is because success in the economy is one of the strongest mainmasts of political power.

Well, what are the issues that must be in the roadmap of the economy and need to be prioritized?

What should be in the new roadmap?

One of the most basic priorities is to eliminate the ambiguous environment that occurred in the economy after the July 15 coup attempt and to actualize investment decisions that have been postponed with the message to be conveyed.

One of the areas that will support the investment climate is exports. Because, in order to increase investments, economic production, and therefore income, must rise. In order for exports to be one of the most important drivers of economic growth again, it is necessary to provide diversity of markets and products in the field of exports.

After the referendum, collaborations should be established with the EU countries as well as with different countries where exports can be done. Erdoğan's overseas trips reveal the route of what countries these will be. After the referendum, Erdoğan visited the Gulf, Russia, China, the EU and the U.S.

The vote of confidence cast for the presidential government system in the referendum had the message of getting rid of the bureaucracy's slowness and lethargy. This message should be read well and the necessary should be done. Therefore, in order to remove obstacles to production, increasing the financing in particular and the reduction of bureaucratic problems are the most important ones of matters that should be urgently settled.

Likewise, investments and incentives promised to the eastern and southeastern provinces before the referendum need to be implemented quickly. These investments will contribute to increasing the support for the referendum especially in the Eastern and Southeastern provinces.

Another important issue that needs to be given priority in the new roadmap is the rising unemployment rate. The mobilization of employment initiated to increase employability must increasingly continue. Unemployment is not only a matter of the economy, but also a variable that directly affects social dynamics.

Reducing the rate of unemployment, which has both economic and social costs, will bear fruits in both areas. There is a need for more reformist and radical changes in youth unemployment in particular.

The fact that the AK Party has been in power for 15 years is mainly because of its successful economic policies, as well as that it reflects economic development to society. Also, taking into account the demands of social segments which have weak socioeconomic features and applying social policies to solve their problems has strengthened the AK Party's administration.

In the period up to 2019, social policies, along with the economy, should be given special importance. In particular, boosting the comprehensiveness of social policies and reaching out to all the needy segments of society is a must for the roadmap.

Here is the essence of the matter: Erdoğan becoming AK Party chairman again has brought new excitement. The reflection of this excitement on the economy through the roadmap will boost the confidence of the markets, investors and people in the economy.


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