Is a new equation being established through Qatar? - ERDAL TANAS KARAGÖL

Is a new equation being established through Qatar?

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain severing all diplomatic relations with Qatar is the beginning of a great crisis. The crisis is not just about the Gulf countries and its area of influence is very broad.

Of course, the blockaded Qatar stands out as the only sphere of influence of the crisis. Well, how did these countries that started a rapid blockade process against Qatar come together in such a short amount of time? What is the reason for these countries that compete on many issues to act in unison? How meaningful are the reasons put forth for the diplomatic blockade of Qatar? Or is another game being staged? Is a new equation being established in the region?

The answer to all these questions is also the answer to why Qatar has been chosen as a target.

Why is Qatar being targeted?

In recent years, Qatar has become an important country among the Gulf states in economy, energy and therefore becoming a political power. We are talking about a country that is in serious competition with Saudi Arabia in politics and with the UAE in economy.

In fact, the competition between Qatar and Saudi Arabia is not limited to the political arena. Saudi Arabia has been experiencing a difficult period in its economy, especially due to the fall in oil prices in recent years. Saudi Arabia would prefer a low-profile Qatar that is loyal to itself in order to overcome economic difficulties and make a new start. That is, a Qatar profile that is suited to the interests of Saudi Arabia is a country that is politically and economically behind Saudi Arabia.

Of course, Qatar stands out as a powerful alternative for countries that have recently been in need of energy. Qatar, which ranks third in the world with 24.5 trillion cubic meters of natural gas reserves after Russia and Iran, has come under the spotlight of Western and Far Eastern countries lacking energy resources. Moreover, it has been the world's largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter since 2006.

That is why Qatar is also the founder of the world LNG market. Qatar's leading position in LNG and ever-increasing LNG exports are in the background of the rapid development of the blockade. The countries that have dominated the energy field for many years, the developed countries that use this field as they wish, and, of course, the Gulf countries are quite uncomfortable with this situation.

Qatar's geographical position is also a risk for these countries, as it is at the crossroads of all the connections within the Gulf countries, especially in terms of international flights. It seems that its increasing efforts to strengthen this position seem to have changed global balances.

On the other hand, it is obvious that Qatar's steps toward energy cooperation with Turkey in the region in terms of international cooperation, its military relations with Turkey, and even the military base in Qatar have troubled many Gulf countries.

The fact that the investments made by Qatar through the Wealth Fund are channeled to developing countries such as Turkey, instead of the usual countries and cities, is no longer acceptable in terms of global financial balances. It is not easy for certain circles to tolerate this situation.

It is no secret to anyone that many Gulf countries are disturbed by the influence of Al Jazeera television, an important tool of economic power and therefore international visibility of Qatar. This is because Qatar has international visibility thanks to these broadcasts and its good use of the media – which offers the country the opportunity to be a strong player in the economy and political arena.

Qatar has economically developed and followed the strategies of potently opening up to the outside world and having a place and say in this world. In addition to economy projects, Qatar also made many breakthroughs in areas like culture and sports.

Considering all this together, it is clear how Qatar is a player both within the Gulf countries and in the global balance, and that its power will continue to increase.

So, a known and usual process is happening. Global powers want to prevent the establishment of an equation in the Gulf region over which Qatar will have influence by using the countries in the region as an instrument.

So, the goal is to ensure the continuation of the usual equitation and to undermine countries like Qatar which have the potential to change the equitation, rather than to establish a new equation.


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