Have the traces of July 15 on the economy been wiped out? - ERDAL TANAS KARAGÖL

Have the traces of July 15 on the economy been wiped out?

"Was the damage of the July 15 coup attempt of the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) on the economy wiped out?" With the answer we give to this question, we can evaluate the effect of the coup attempt on the economy.

Many steps were taken immediately after July 15, to wipe out its traces, and hence, significant measures were taken accordingly.

Upon taking these measures following the coup attempt, recovering rapidly, Turkey has eliminated the shocks that would come from inside and outside, negated the manipulations that would be made and ensured the people's confidence in the economy. Thus, it became relatively easy to remove the damage caused by the coup attempt.

Wasn't the people's exchanging their U.S. dollars and starting to use the TL to spite the putschists and those who support them, and increasing the consumer trust index 11.1 percent in August a clear indication of this?

What was done to remove the traces of the FETÖ coup attempt?

Together with the coup attempt, with the negative contribution of the finance circles and credit rating agencies that cannot be ignored, even if a negative wind blew outside because of the negative perception that was formed, in order to disperse this atmosphere, the precautions both the government and the Central Bank took became quite effective. And in a short time, this negative atmosphere was eliminated.

Without losing time, after the coup attempt the credit rating agencies appeared on the stage to change the country's "investable" grade. But thanks to the resistance of the economy of the country and the macroeconomic indicators' strong continuation, they could not change the country's grade.

The credit rating agencies having realized the mistake in the statement they made in the first days could only intervene the grade image.

This is the proof of the failure of the perception operation that is wanted to be formed.

On the other hand, in order to remove the rush caused by the problems experienced with the EU and the U.S. after July 15, Turkey has taken steps as well.

For this purpose, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to Russia to normalize the suspended relations with Russia following the jet crisis in November last year, was an important message to many countries.

The main message was:

In accordance with its economic and political benefits Turkey could develop different alternatives in the region.

Besides the message in the international political sphere, there is a lot of meaning of the normalization of relations with Russia.

Even if partially, the relaxation of the tourism industry, the continuation of the energy projects, the revival of the commercial relations and the most important one of all is a step not to stop the ongoing projects for the economy of the country.

After eliminating the coup attempt, another important step was included on the agenda and implemented "Turkey's National Assets Fund." The International Assets Fund will both function as the financial insurance of the big investments and gigantic projects and will enable the elimination of the effects of possible movements that may occur in the markets.

This fund is very important, because with the source Turkey will form with this fund, it will both make the major investments it has wanted to make for years but couldn't and provide the source required for these investments without foreign dependency. Turkey is going to achieve economic independency and become one of the important actors in the region.

Isn't the reason for creating the chaotic atmosphere, which was trying to be formed with the Gezi Park events, the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 coup attempt and finally the July 15 coup attempt, to prevent Turkey from having an important position in the region, particularly in the areas of energy, transportation and other fields?

Bridge opening

Besides the measures taken in order to clear the traces of the July 15 FETÖ coup attempt, in order to strengthen its economy and complete the vision that was targeted, Turkey has been going on completing the big projects.

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which will open tomorrow and is defined as the good name of the country, has many meanings and messages within this aspect.

Turkey has been completing these big projects it started. Next is the third airport, then the Eurasia Tunnel and Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP), with many other projects to follow...

As these projects are completed, the economy will be strengthened and the empowered economy will be able to eliminate the threats that may be internal or external.



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