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Economy in the presidential system

The referendum process on the presidential government system will begin with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's approval of the amendments. Then, we will enter an intense election atmosphere of campaigning. In this atmosphere, which will be shaped by the "yes" and "no" camps, it is necessary to know what will lie ahead of us with the change in government system.

A major transformation will take place in the legislative, executive and the judiciary branches of government if the presidential system is approved in the referendum. In addition, the presidential system will bring a new paradigm to the economy and its administration in terms of both administration and understanding.

The question most frequently asked by those who opposed the presidential system is if there is a need for a system change in political terms.

Obviously, the system change will directly affect not only politics, but also the economy in a country like Turkey where political and economic stability goes hand in hand. The answer to this question then is definitely “yes” when both the past experiences and the future goals of the Turkish economy are considered.

Why is there a need for the presidential system in the economic context?

In order for Turkey to be able to reach a higher income level group from its current per capita income of $10,000.

In order for the middle-income group to be included in the high-income group without having to stake too much in the upper segment of the middle-income group.

In order to write a new story in the economy. It will also determine both who will write this story and the economy administration that will write it.

In order to accelerate economic growth.

In order to prevent Turkey from growing below its potential and sacrificing growth rates.

In order to eliminate the problem of incompatibility and synchronization between institutions and the multiplicity in economy administration to allow making quick decisions and to reduce obstacles to reforms.

In order to reduce uncertainties for investors and to become a country with a higher investment potential.

Turkey currently has more advantages than it did in the previous century and it is one of the most strategic countries because of the advantages that its geographical position offers. In order to turn these advantages into an opportunity and to be a hub in the world and the region, especially in the fields of energy, commerce and finance.

In order to maintain the economic gains that have been obtained with the political stability of the past 15 years.

In order to avoid being re-exposed to interventions, operations or even coup attempts that have continued to intensify since 2013.

In order to avoid the need for stand-by agreements with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and not to have to negotiate with the institutions or countries to which it becomes indebted.

In order to avoid undergoing periods where governments rule for one-and-a-half years on average, as in the multiparty political period.

In order for Turkey to achieve its goals for 2023 and beyond.

For these reasonbsthe presidential system is needed for the economy.

We must be prepared for the new period.

It would be incomplete to evaluate the change that will start with the presidential system only for Turkey. We are in a transitional period in which problems in the world economy, especially in developed countries, will deepen and, therefore, there is and will be changes in the economic power balance and in international economic institutions.

Therefore, Turkey's preparation for this transition period with a change to a new government system without losing time with the non-national interventions and economic problems that it experienced in the past is also important both for Turkey's future and the region.

It should be noted that the referendum on the presidential system has meaning not only for Turkey, but also for the region. The equation that those who criticize the system change from outside are planning to establish in the region will completely change with the presidential system.

Let us not ignore this fact.


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