The Triangle of FETÖ, Bank Asya and Turkish Airlines - BÜLENT ORAKOĞLU

The Triangle of FETÖ, Bank Asya and Turkish Airlines

It is understood that following the failure in the Dec. 17 coup attempt, which had foreign support, FETÖ (Fethullah Terrorist Organization) has undergone a downfall process, which will continue in an accelerating pattern particularly given the fact that the manipulations as well as the speculations of interesting money transfers and irregular transactions of the shares in Bank Asya, which has an organic connection to the terrorist organization, have been unearthed.

With the confiscation of Bank Asya by TMSF (Saving Deposit Insurance Fund) and with the temporary seizure of the management of the bank, the financial resources of the Fethullah Terrorist Organization, its expenditures for the domestic and abroad activities against Turkey, its relations with Bank Asya, Turkish Airlines and foreign intelligence agencies could therefore be put under the scope. In addition to the printed and visual media outlets, FETÖ founded, hundreds of firms such as Kaynak Holding, Sürat Kargo, Gökkuşağı, FEM Boydak Group, and Koza-İpek Holding, the associations that the businessmen established around Turkey, more than 210 private schools, thousands of Isik Evleri [Houses of Light, the name given to the residences of the FETÖ community], 460 private teaching institutions, and 500 student dormitories, 400 schools and 38 student dormitories in 134 countries, ranging from Turkic republics to Canada, from Nigeria to Singapore, will be excluded from the control of the superior mind and nationalized.

The officials from TMSF explained that they legally confiscated the bank “on the grounds that technical conditions have not been fulfilled, that the transparency criteria have not been complied to and that the owners of many accounts with large amount of deposits in the bank have not been declared.” In the inspections that Council of Bank Audit and Regulation (BDDK), it was ascertained that the 'secret' accounts, of which the owners are not known, belong to the holding owners close to FETÖ and that hundreds of thousands of small and amateur investors have been victimized and robbed by means of fraudulent loans to almost 50 companies given by the bank that demonstrated its non-performing loans in small amounts.

The secret and dark dealings in the accounts were deciphered through an audio record of the phone calls between FETÖ leader Gülen and an officer from the agents' cadre of the organization. In the taped conversations, Gülen instructed the high level organization member to direct towards the source of benevolence, “facing the fact that some of the money that the holding owners and businessmen were made to deposit through blackmail and threat was precipitately withdrawn from Bank Asya by the panicking business world after the unsuccessful coup attempts on Dec. 17 and 25. In the record, extensive withdrawal of money from Bank Asya was stated to take place and particularly Turkish Airlines, Takas Bank and Turkcell were mentioned as the leading firms carrying out the withdrawal. “

This illegal structure that infiltrated into the political and state institutions through the function of a Trojan horse, under the control of the superior mind and under the cover of the religious community and Hizmet (the service) movement in the past was acknowledged to be the Fethullah Terrorist Organization. This organization was posing as an internal and external threat to our national security on the National Security Policy Document and National Military Strategy at the National Security Council (MGK) meeting that took place on April 29, 2015; hence, making it obligatory to do what is necessary in accordance with the law given that Bank Asya provides domestic and foreign support for FETÖ.

Another important matter is to ensure the decipherment of the organization members by determining the dimensions of FETÖ's infiltration into Turkish Airlines and of organizing therein with regard to its spying relations it established with certain Western countries, initially with CIA and MOSSAD; what kind of covered operations against Turkey they performed in airports; and whether they have the operational power or not.

It is considered essential in terms of national security to resolve and unravel the network of startling similarities and relations between Moon, Scientology, the Gülen Cult and Opus Dei, all claimed to be established under the CIA's control. The fact that the concordance among the theory, the way they interpret the religion, the operational style and targets of all four cults catches the eye and can be explained, without doubt, by the fact that their “command center is the same.” There are serious allegations that these four organizations, under the mask of cult, are being used and manipulated for CIA's covered operations.

It has been observed that the key concepts used by Moon, Opus Dei and the Gülen community are identical, while leading their propaganda and organizational activities. Behind the mask of “dialogue, tolerance, religious research, love and inter-religion dialogue,” they continue their illegal activities disguised as legal in target countries in order to reinforce and spread the hegemony of Zionism in the Middle East as well as in the world.

The relations with Israel are of key importance for the U.S. In his book, A Sense of Siege, the topic of which is the Islamist movement, Graham Fuller states that the establishment of good relations with Israel is the primary thing that the Islamists movement should do concerning their integration with the West.

Moon is the boss of many media corporations in the U.S., including The Washington Post. It is alleged that Moon provided the first printing facilities when the newspaper Zaman was founded. Moreover, the claim that Moon has a TV channel named “Milkyway” (The English translation of Samanyolu) is among other allegations.

Opus Dei is a secret Jewish organization and committed to the mysterious cabala tradition. Their appearance of Christianity is only tactical. Why does FETÖ look so much like the Catholic Opus Dei cult-like sect? Because the CIA founded both organizations to work on its own behalf. The same model, the same tactic, the same structure; even the symbols and the words they use are identical.

By describing the parallel state structuring as FETÖ in the MGK meeting on April 29 and by initiating a total struggle with this organization, Turkey took a good decision in terms of the country's interests. Now the next step is to eliminate the impact and influence agents who have infiltrated into our interiors by way of uncovering the members of the organization initially in politics, media, business and universities, as well as in all the other public entities and institutions.


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