The CIA knew about the Khashoggi murder - BÜLENT ORAKOĞLU

The CIA knew about the Khashoggi murder

The Washington Post, in a report based on the information they obtained from authorities with “high credibility” within the CIA, claimed that there have been definite findings that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination. According to the newspaper, “In reaching its conclusions, the CIA examined multiple sources of intelligence, including a phone call that the prince’s brother Khalid bin Salman, the Saudi ambassador to the United States, had with Khashoggi, according to the people familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the intelligence. Khalid told Khashoggi that he should go to the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul to retrieve the documents and gave him assurances that it would be safe to do so. It is not clear if Khalid knew that Khashoggi would be killed, but he made the call at his brother’s direction, according to the people familiar with the call, which was intercepted by U.S. intelligence. The CIA also examined a call placed from inside the consulate after the killing by an alleged member of the Saudi hit team, Maher Mutreb, a security official who has often been seen at the crown prince’s side and who was photographed entering and leaving the consulate on the day of the killing.”

The reason why I quoted this report in detail is to present the scenario prepared to cover the role and contribution of the CIA in Khashoggi’s brutal murder, which claims that it learned that his life was in danger after Oct. 2, meaning after he was killed. Because the CIA knew about the Khashoggi murder beforehand. Beyond that, the CIA assumed the role of planning and plotting this act, so it was at the center of this murder together with Israeli intelligence MOSSAD. When you analyze the Washington Post from cover to cover, you will see that the American intelligence had already been listening to the Saudi embassy and the consulates as well as those who were assigned to the Tiger Team, the team which was sent to execute Khashoggi, well before the murder took place.

Before the process in which Salman became the crown prince thanks to the palace coup orchestrated by the CIA, he established good relations with the U.S. Jewish lobby and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu following Trump’s son-in-law and Middle East advisor Jared Kushner’s mediation.

Also, I already revealed in myprevious columns that Salman and Jared Kushner both had connections to the CIA. Kushner had already delivered information, on different days, with the so-called anti-corruption operation launched right after Salman became crown prince, about the list of princes and businessmen detained in this operation and their assets, as well as a list of people to be executed, including Khashoggi. These two operations were planned by the CIA. Does the CIA’s statement that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered Khashoggi’s brutal murder mean that Trump is prepared to sacrifice Salman? In that case, it is possible that Salman might also confess the identities of his co-conspirators.

For justice to prevail, it is important that the American and Israeli instigators (Trump and Netanyahu) behind Crown Prince Salman be revealed, however this seems almost impossible in this conjuncture. It seems that the CIA has already taken measures about this issue anyway. Despite the Khashoggi scandal, they say that they believe Mohammed bin Salman won’t be dethroned. The mindset that labels Khashoggi’s brutal murder and the dismemberment of his body as a scandal gives the crown prince the signal to talk. As a reward, they guarantee that he will not be tried and won’t lose his throne.

Our intelligence units, having rightly assessed the threat against Turkey and our national security, conducted audio surveillance (technical surveillance) of the Consulate of Saudi Arabia and obtained the audio recordings of the moments before and during the murder. This is a great success of our intelligence units. Turkey informed the international community rightly and regularly with a strategy thanks to these audio recordings and prevented this murder from being covered up. Now Turkey’s duty is to make sure there will be an international investigation to reveal all the details of the murder.


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