I will never respect a tank that has pointed its barrel to the people - BÜLENT ORAKOĞLU

I will never respect a tank that has pointed its barrel to the people

The night of July 15 is the revival of a nation. It is the indication that a nation has laid claim to its homeland, flag, country and democracy to the death. July 15 is a day in which we experienced the second independence war, a day to be subject to legends after May 19, Gallipoli and the National Struggle. In the political history of Turkey, which was wanted to be darkened with coups, mainstream media largely supported the coup plotters in the May 27, March 12, Sept. 12, Feb. 28 coups and, acted as their mouthpiece. On July 15, 2016, in a first in Republican history, the Turkish nation and local media showed an example of responsible and ethic journalism and, by taking place by the side of national resistance and democracy, they created and experienced “new milestones” and turning points in their own history.

That the failed July 15 coup or attempt was perpetrated by the Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ) under NATO-CIA and Pentagon’s control, points to the facts that are reflected in tens of indictments. It is a clear preemptive strategy prepared meticulously and professionally through a long period of time, designed with the support of global secret services with which the traitors wanting to carry out the bloodiest and most planned out coup in Republican history, targeted the opinion leaders and political parties having the capacity to guide the society, to eliminate their leaders via various assassination methods.

Bringing in the chief of General Staff and force commanders on July 15 in a way never before seen in the history of the Republic, specially chosen FETÖ traitors dressed in army gear being sent to Marmaris to kill President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, reveal the clues of why this terrorist organization committed the Yazıcıoğlu assassination, one of the political murders it committed in the past. Grand Unity Party (BBP) president, the late Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu, who had given the biggest reactions to Feb. 28 and the April 27 e-memorandum, to pro-junta circles and the world powers behind them in the name of national will and democracy, had said, “I will never respect a tank that has pointed its barrel to the people,” and torn up at the press conference the Pentagon and NATO maps showing a divided Turkey, making statements along the lines of, “we will establish a state in the middle of America if need be.”

Yazıcıoğlu being assassinated under the guise of a helicopter attack, with an order given personally by FETÖ leader Fetullah Gülen, seems to be aimed at preventing his likelihood of standing in front of tanks with the people against the coup during the July 15 attempt. President Erdoğan addressing the people through Facetime on CNN Turk’s Ankara representative Hande Fırat’s smartphone, following the failure of those traitors who were going to assassinate the president, showing the people that he is alive, his call on the nation to gather at critical airports, bridges and squares, and millions responding to the calls by pouring to the streets had led them to resist against the coup plotters. The people, unarmed, using their chests as shields against tanks and plans and helicopters that were there to kill, was again the clear sign of the grand Turkish nation’s laying claim to its state, country and its own will – a first in our Republican history and the world. While the incorrectness of the analyses by the traitors who organized the July 15 coup attempt and the forces behind them, based on the Turkish nation’s attitude and behaviors in past coups that they are unwilling to lay claim to their will, that they remain quiet against army boots, and that these do not reflect the truth coming to light caused the psychological war methods they had been applying from the past to present to collapse, it had also defeated the aims of their political murders.

The most important point the July 15 coup attempt intersects with the other coups or coup attempts is that they were all carried out under the control of the same outside center (NATO-Pentagon-Israel). We could say that the main target in past coups was to prevent Turkey from having a say in the Middle East and world by creating political instability in the country. The most important characteristic distinguishing July 15 from the other coups is that this time it was a project openly backed by outside forces, threatening the continuation of the country’s national security and territorial integrity through an invasion and breaking out a civil war aimed at turning Turkey in to Syria. NATO, of which Turkey is a member, the Pentagon and CIA, our highest level strategic enemy – excuse me, I mean strategic partner – in areas of security and intelligence, are the no. 1 supporters of the FETÖ terror organization within and without. Our martyrs being commemorated on the first anniversary of July 15 with the highest participation along with the state-nation and media cooperation, is the most important antidote that will rid new global attacks disguised as terror targeting our perpetuity.

As I remember once more with gratitude and thankfulness all our martyrs who reached martyrdom for this country, I extend my condolences to the Turkish nation.


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