How the Warsaw summit foiled Gulf bullies' plans to drown the Mideast in blood post-Khashoggi - BÜLENT ORAKOĞLU

How the Warsaw summit foiled Gulf bullies' plans to drown the Mideast in blood post-Khashoggi

Last weekend, summits attended by major countries of the Middle East were held in Warsaw and Sochi with different purposes and agendas that included the future of Iran and Syria. The Warsaw Summit points out the bloc established by the U.S. and Israel which consists of the Gulf countries and Egypt over anti-Iran sentiments. The goals of this alliance of evil and chaos are seen clearly in a video leaked by Netanyahu as a psychological warfare tactic. The video is important, I suppose, since it is clear defiance showing the power of Israel to convince the Arab League, which consists of 22 countries, to join them and demonstrate their strategies. Hence the statements of top level authorities from three important members of the Arab League, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, declaring that they don’t mind cooperating with Israel and that they don’t see the Zionist and Evangelist ideology and Israel’s occupation as a threat in the Middle East, and that they consider “Iran’s expansionist policies as the biggest threat in the region” are presented in this video. This situation not only means the betrayal of Saudi Arabia, which is seen as the leader of the Arab League and other Gulf countries to the cause of Jerusalem and Palestine, but it also means that they are overtly serving the Armageddon war and the chaos and instability that the Zionist and Evangelist axis wants to bring.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) was very important for Trump, the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Evangelist axis. Because the duty to persuade the other 19 member states in the Arab League for the new “Palestinian State” plan prepared by this evil alliance was given to MBS. Israel is going to elections in April. After the elections, the “peace plan,” also known as the “plan of the century to turn Middle East into a bloodbath” prepared by Netanyahu, Trump’s son-in-law Kushner, who is his advisor responsible for peace in the Middle East, was going to be enforced by the Crown Prince, and later Trump and Israel were going to initiate the process to convince Palestine and impose it on the country. However, it was seen highly possible that Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas was going to reject this “New Palestinian State,” which protects the interests of the Zionist Israeli state, they were going to offer him instead of the Palestinian state plan with East Jerusalem as its capital, or at the very least he was going to boycott it. That is why Israel’s Jerusalem Post newspaper claimed that the U.S. was working on finding an alternative to Abbas, and so far came up with five names, including Mohammed Dahlan.

There are two reasons why Trump protected the number 1 suspect of the vicious Khashoggi murder despite all the pressure from the U.S. Congress and media, and prevented an international investigation against him. The fact that the duty to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to enforce the New Palestine State project on the Arab League was personally given to MBS by Trump and Netanyahu explains everything. I think, this situation also explains that Salman is a Zionist project and the reason he is being protected. The recognition of the fact that Khashoggi was murdered on the order of MBS by the UN and the EU, and Turkey uncovering all the details of the murder makes it impossible for EU countries and Turkey to join the anti-Iran alliance. Hence the decision of the EU to put Saudi Arabia on its blacklist for financing terrorism bears the signals of a clear answer against Saudi Arabia and Trump for whitewashing the Khashoggi murder. Even with his death, Khashoggi seriously damaged the plans of chaos that the U.S., Israel, and Evangelist axis had in the Gulf. It seems highly unlikely now for MBS to persuade the Arab League over the New Palestine state issue and the U.S. enforcing the “Deal of the Century” on Palestine. Although the Warsaw Summit was held to discuss the future of the Middle East, the fact that the U.S., the hegemonic power which initiated this summit, and Israel and the Gulf bullies it is cooperating with don’t want peace in the Middle East, especially in Syria, that they don’t respect the territorial integrity of Syria, and target the EU countries and most importantly Turkey in this regard points to a second Sykes-Picot agreement.


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