DHKP-C, Group Yorum, CHP, Assad relations - BÜLENT ORAKOĞLU

DHKP-C, Group Yorum, CHP, Assad relations

As much as I can remember, during 1977 or 1978, I had attended a regional or international program of the PYS (Progressive Youth Association), which was on the same line as the Moscow-trained TKP (Turkish Communist Party), in Istanbul for a short while, due to my position in the police force. As the speaker from the Greece Delegation was defending Greece's foreign policy cyclically, hearing one of the PYS speaker's, within the Turkish Delegation, comments that were slamming Turkey was actually pointing at an exemplary situation.

Within that 35-year period since then, there are no positive developments in that matter, rather, the complete opposite case is the point in question. A main opposition party, Marginal Nation Party; which is objecting to the state policies and strategies of their own country towards the Middle East or Syria by means of going over the criticism boundaries and is blatantly supporting the bloody Syria Regime, 21st Century butcher Assad and the DHKP-C terrorist organization; had been permuted against the willpower of the nation. And the malice coalition, which had been formed by the open cooperation of the Doğan and Parallel Organization media, are attempting to neutralize the rulership by targeting it with all their forces.

On March 31, 2015, Prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz had been martyred by 2 DHKP-C terrorists, and on the same day, terrorist Elif Sultan Kalsen had been neutralized in a short time, as she was conducting a revenge-based attack with a long range weapon and bomb on the police officers in front of the Police Office located on Vatan Street.

The media corporations, which put their signatures on scandalous announcements by almost presenting the incident, where the DHKP-C terrorist organization martyred a prosecutor of the state, as a simple act, and published the propaganda purposed photos of the terrorist organization directed at redounding legitimacy and support to the terror, were once again caught red handed in their attempt to betray the willpower of the nation once again.

The media organs (Hürriyet, Radikal, Posta, CNN Turk, Kanal D), which belong to the Doğan Group, and the Parallel Structure Media (IMC TV, Samanyolu TV, Bugün TV, Zaman, Bugün, Millet, Taraf) and other newspapers Sözcü, Ortadoğu, Yeniçağ, Cumhuriyet and Birgün), which all had published the propaganda purposed photos of the DHKP-C terrorists, were not allowed to participate in the funeral by means of applying accreditation due to their unethical journalism activities, which were against the interest of the country.

As for CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, similar to his actions during all the sensational terror activities of the DHKP-C terrorist organization in Turkey, right after the recent terrorist attacks, he had made statements that accused the government and the police officers.

By asserting that the government had a finger in the terrorist act in the Çağlayan Courthouse, Kılıçdaroğlu's tweets on his official Twitter account were carrying unbelievable claims. Kılıçdaroğlu said; “Is the government's 'It might be a terrorist attack' statement right after the blackout an indicator that they had a finger in the hostage incident? If the power generator of the court was active, then who helped bring these materials inside? Was the blackout effective in bringing all these materials inside the court? Or, was the blackout done intentionally for this task?”

CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's “Pro-Assad and Pro-DHKP-C” attitudes and behaviors, which were going over the criticism limits, marginal statements and slander directed at the institutional identity of MIT and the Turkish Police, in the past had caused reactions in the public opinion, and especially within the police officers.

By supporting the conspiracy and perception operations, which were directed at putting Turkey within the category of countries that support terrorism, and Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu put forth the “MIT is carrying out arms smuggling” claim and slander towards the MIT Lorries, which were actually carrying human aid materials to the Bayır-Bucak Turks in Syria and which had been organizedly stopped in Adana and Hatay by the Parallel Organization linked police officers, gendarmeries and prosecutors. When his “the attack on the Police house was a disgusting ruse” statement, related with the double RPG attack on the Ankara Dikmen Police house and Police Department building by the DHKP-C militants, and his unbelievable accusations like “both the government and police force are in cooperation with Al Qaeda”, over the false claims that Reyhanlı attacks had been undertaken by an organization named ISIL that is connected with Al Qaeda, are thought as a whole, the “Are these pointing at political faux pas and errors as a result of misinformation or is there a hidden catch in all these?” question was popping in our minds.

Due to the June 7, 2015 General Elections, all the participating political parties had submitted their candidate lists to the Supreme Election Committee. The ex-lead singer of Group Yorum, which has an organic bond with the DHKP-C terrorist organization, Hilmi Yarayıcı, had been nominated as a candidate by CHP, from the 7th place in Hatay, in the 2011 General Elections, and he had resigned since he didn't like the sorting. This time, as he had been nominated in the 1st place in CHP's Hatay list for the June 7, 2015 General Elections, this conduced shedding light on the veil of mystery behind Kılıçdaroğlu's non-national statements, which targeted the rulership and police officers.

Two terrorists, who had raided Prosecutor Mehmet Kiraz's room, wounded the Martyr Prosecutor in the room, which became their headquarters after they hung their flags on the walls, since their demands had not been met, and made him listen to the songs of Group Yorum as torture music. Group Yorum, which had been accused of providing money and personnel to DHKP-C until now, had been on the agenda once again after this treacherous attach.

Group Yorum, which previously declared their absolute support to Assad, is known as the group that most blatantly defends the Assad dictatorship. Without a doubt, the Assad-Secret Intelligence-Group Yorum relation is closely related with the establishment of DHKP-C in Damascus during 1994 by Dursun Karataş and the secret intelligence's use of this organization as the backyard of Damascus.

While the fact, that the DHKP-C terrorist organization is an organization which is the forceps and subcontractor of the Gladio, is making their legal activities more mysterious, this terrorist organization's illegal and legal elements' relations with the deep structures or secret services of Western countries are making it indispensable for accelerating the operational studies/works in Turkey that will decipher or reveal the source of their power within the media and politics mechanisms.


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