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Will the end of the Trump presidency doom the Deal of the Century?

In other words, will he take precautions that will prevent a conflict between Biden-Israel and Palestine? Or will Trump move forward with the “New Palestinian State” that he has been working on with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh’s answer to this question was very ambitious indeed. For Shtayyeh claims that the “Deal of the Century” prepared by U.S. President Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner which excludes Palestine will be gone when he leaves the White House in January. Trump’s defeat and Biden’s victory in the presidential elections seem to have had a positive effect on the region, primarily on the Palestinian front. With the inauguration of Barack Obama’s former vice president Joe Biden, claims state that he will “support a two-state solution, continue where Trump left off in the negotiations with Israel, and oppose Israel’s settlement activities, especially the annexation of the West Bank.” On the other hand, all eyes are on Biden to follow through on his pledges to the public.

He is expected to thaw ties with Palestinian leaders and restart the aid that has been suspended by the current administration to Palestine. Also, Biden is expected to sustain the economic and humanitarian support given to refugees, to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, to reopen the U.S. consulate in East Jerusalem as well as the Palestine Liberation Organization's embassy in Washington.

However, some Middle East experts are of the opinion that Israel-loving Biden will not retract certain political moves such as Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the U.S.’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights or the U.S.’s moving of its Israel embassy to Jerusalem.

For Biden, as well as most Democrats, was thrilled with the “normalization” of relations between Israel and many Arab countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain. Hence, forget Biden flushing the deal of the century down the toilet as Shtayyeh claims, it is possible that he may encourage other Middle Eastern countries to normalize their relations with Tel Aviv. Furthermore, as an Israel-loving Democrat, it seems more likely that Biden will encourage Palestinian leaders to cooperate with Israel and that he will refrain from criticizing Israel’s right violations of Palestinians.

Were Palestinian authorities hoodwinked?

Nabeel Shaath, who is the special envoy of the Palestinian president, views Trump’s defeat and Biden’s election victory as a “win” for the Palestinians. From what we have heard from Biden and his vice president Kamala Harris, I think they will be more balanced, that they will run after Netanyahu less and therefore prove less detrimental to us than Trump,” Shaath said on the Biden administration.

In reality, Palestinian authorities were forced to pick Biden, who is seen as the lesser of two evils

However, it seems that Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris gained the trust of Palestinian authorities with a diplomatic attack. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, who gave up his three-year political boycott against the White House after the U.S. elections. How many and to what extent will the promises given to Prime Minister Shtayyeh be kept by Biden and Harris?

However, after the U.S. elections resulted in Biden’s victory, the fact that Israel paid in whole the taxes that Palestine has been refusing to take since June to the Ramallah administration, points to a thawing of ties between Palestine and Israel; hence, the fact that Biden and Harris have kept one of their promises even before they’ve taken their seats at the White House, thus displaying their influence over Israel is extremely significant. However, Palestinian Prime Minister Shtayyeh stressed that "what will end the conflict with Israel is not" normalization agreements "but peace with Palestinians. He stated that the normalization agreements some Arab countries signed with the Tel Aviv administration were in violation of the Arab Peace Initiative.

However, Palestinian Prime Minister Shtayyeh stressed that what will end the conflict with Israel is not normalization agreements "but peace with Palestinians.” He stated that the normalization agreements some Arab countries signed with the Tel Aviv administration were in violation of the Arab Peace Initiative.

Shtayyeh, who stressed that Palestine is ready to re-start a serious peace process, called to attention the fact that they would restart negotiations within the frame of the end of the Israeli occupation, the end of the blockade on Jerusalem and Gaza as well as the termination of Jewish expansionist and settlement policies. Following Israel's plan to "annex" the illegal Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on May 19 announced that the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) had withdrawn from all agreements, including security, that they had signed with Tel Aviv and Washington.

Will the new U.S. president and his deputy be able to control Israel under these conditions?


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