Turkish drones are rewriting war doctrines! - BÜLENT ORAKOĞLU

Turkish drones are rewriting war doctrines!

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s mini-summit in Sochi resulted in new and important decisions pertaining to the two countries’ economies, and the region’s security. The mini Sochi summit lasted four hours. Besides the meetings between the committees, Erdogan and Putin had two private meetings alone on the same day. While the details of the private meetings were not divulged, according to information from reliable sources, the two countries took critical steps towards an agreement on a “general strategy.” Putin accepted the terrorist presence (the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Syrian wing, the People’s Protection Units (YPG)) in this region for the first time in relation to the military operation to be launched in north Syria, however, it was President Erdogan who announced the message of “solving the problem in Syria through Damascus.” There is no doubt that Syrian leader Bashar Asad needs to be warned in order for Putin to fulfill the promise that Russia will always support Türkiye regarding anti-terrorism efforts. If terrorist organizations are still able to roam freely in the region despite Turkish intelligence units’ cooperation with Syrian intelligence regarding this matter, if the regime and the YPG are taking on Türkiye through a false flag operation, then it seems Putin needs to step in directly. Following the diplomacy attempts regarding the strategy to end YPG/PKK terrorism in Syria, Türkiye may launch the operation on Syria any moment now. 



President Erdogan, who became the talk of the world following the four-hour meeting with Putin in Sochi, attended yesterday's “The Award Ceremony for Those Who Add Value to Kocaeli, the Center of Industry and Technology,” held at the Gebze Informatics Valley. President Erdogan made important statements regarding the Turkish unmanned aerial combat vehicles (UACVs), which changed the course of the war in both Karabakh and Ukraine. The Turkish UACVs, regarding which President Erdogan says, “Now everybody wants UACVs, UAVs, BAYRAKTAR TB2s, Akıncıs, world powers are lining up to buy them from Türkiye,” made it to world headlines again. A U.K. newspaper sang praises to Bayraktar TB2, while a German television broadcaster claimed that Putin wants to buy UACVs from Türkiye. It was reminded that the TB2 is almost invisible to conventional air defense systems and that they can escape the Russian-made S-300s. It was stated that the Turkish UAVs not only escaped S-300s in the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, they also later destroyed them. It was additionally said that the Bayraktar TB2s are critical in war against Putin’s forces as they first survey the land to determine targets before realizing sensitive attacks using laser-guided weapons. Hence, “it is no surprise that Putin would want the Bayraktar.” The report added, “Turkish-made warcraft are already being used in the Ukraine war, however until now it was only used against the Russian army. Though now, Russian leader Putin, it seems, wants to buy these types of UAVs from Erdogan.” 


President Erdogan, on the other hand, stated they discussed the UACV matter with Putin in Sochi (it must have been discussed during their private meeting), and said, “Think of a state of war. There are superpowers in the world that want to make joint investments with us in these fields as well. This is what happens when you are strong. The whole world has now accepted the capacity of UACVs, which have proven themselves on the battlefield, and are rewriting the doctrines of war.” 




President Putin, who made the first speech before the Sochi summit kicked off, first said “Hos geldiniz” (welcome) to Erdogan, and then praised Türkiye regarding the grain exports deal. Speaking in reference to this deal, Putin said, “Europe should be grateful to Erdogan. This deal is your achievement.” Putin revealed what was underlying this excessive politeness in his question to Erdogan. Referring to the grain ships, the Russian leader asked when Erdogan will mediate for his ships. Erdogan’s response was that there are about 20 ships waiting in line and that the relevant ministries are working fast on the matter. While even this matter alone reveals how seriously Türkiye is working on the grain exports deal, and how everything is being done in order of need, it is also a clear sign of how much it boosted Türkiye's image and prestige through President Erdogan. 


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