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From an Anatolian country to a world state

The US finally admitted that it gave up its claim on its leadership and imperial status. The Atlantic age which is described as Pax-Americana is going to end soon!

The American administration is busy with establishing regional and global coalitions against Turkey under the coverage of ISIL on the frontiers of Iraq and Syria just as the same with China in the Pacific or Russia through the Ukranian crisis in Eurasia.

But it just cannot succeed in it anyhow. At this very moment Barack Obama made a splash, saying "we have no strategy yet". The world media represented this statement as "blunder". However, this is nothing to do with a blunder. It was the fact. In other words it means " this is a declaration of Washington which is far from a "grand strategy".

Obama, who performs being the Gorbachev of the US, is preparing both the US public and the world to a new global fact through the rhetoric he deployed.

For sure history will consider the "language slip" of Obama on August 28, 2014 as the declaration of the post American "global imperium".

German philosopher Hegel describes a nation losing its charm in terms of world history with these words: "It strives to take itself under safety through a state or an assembly of states. It spends time against various possibilities. It makes attempts, but however it finally becomes invaded by foreigners and then leaves the stage."


There is no doubt that this outcome is a sad picture for the US which considered itself as the "selected nation".

It appears so that the crisis in the international system (pax americana) which nurtures on chaos and anarchy will get deeper. However this tragic picture foreshadows a new and better era for the rest of the world.

The west which has risen up for the last 5 centuries established its domination almost in every part of this planet. It"s intersting, though because this perception of hegemony drastically changed in the last 10 years.

Even the messianic American elites are hopeless. Niall Ferguson who lectures at Harvard is one of those who considers the initial 10 years of the new millenium as the beginning of the global end of the western sovereignity".

The world is witnessing a tectonic power of shift in every field. All types of balance are being moved from west to east. These opinions were being mocked as the fantasies of the marginal 10 or 15 years ago.

But today, even the most serious academic circles are admitting this deeply rooted hegemony. The greatest living philosopher of Europe today, Habermas, is not complaining for vain "we cannot produce our own values".

Henry Kissinger in his last article which he wrote in WSJ is talking about the "the crisis of the world order". The crisis in fact belongs to the west. The west which is totally collapsed because of ethical, democratic principles are being dissolved.

The west is spreading a socio economic, cultural disease as well as a political one besides Islamophobia, racism, human crimes, coups, internal wars, terror and chaos instead of democracy, justice and virtue to the other civilizations. It has been understood for a long time that the US is a trader of internal war and coups. The US we are referring to is definitely a "democracy" importer.

For that reason, American historians are arguing that since 1945 untlil now that the US regime has kept governments away from administration through more than 50 coups. The same teams are staging a similar Gezi uprising and December 17 coup in Pakistan.

The period for global tales and great narrations are over. We are going through a hybrid geo political era. In the post-American world, the "asabiyyah" blood kinship term of Ibn Khaldun comes to the front instead of Kant"s revized comopolitanism which was rooted in racism even.

Putin is somewhat avenging for being insulted during the times of cold war. Ivan Ilyin, one of the theoricians of the Russian Renaissance said, "Russia will revive after getting rid of being split into parts and underestimation. Americans treated us with disrespect. We did not forget it!" They personally did so. The Chinese state president, whenever he travels abroad, is calling on the west to show respect for their own 5000 -year civilization.

Erdogan, being labelled as "dictator" despite the repetitive successes of his elections In the last 12 years, exclaimed that the west won"t be able to discipline Turkey any more.

Everyone is growing and turning back to their own roots. There is Neo-Conficius China and the Neo-Ottoman Turkey and Neo Soviet Union Russia. They are not facing the west and they are not looking at each other.

A world increasingly is embodied without the presence of the west. Now we are going towards a future without an IMF, UN, NATO.

And the west in trouble is concerned about saving its situation through Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic allegiances.

Whichever side you take it, we are having the birth labors of a new world. In the new term, the non western figures such as China, Russia and Turkey are rising up as successful models. The new world order is re-organized with the demands and weight of these countries, because of Russia and China with their economic and military power; whereas Turkey, with its democratic stand, totally defeated the western world. Therefore, what we have been going through since Gezi events are intimately related with its policies under implementation and demands, perception, horizon and position in the new world order. In the attempt to convert the new Turkey, The Gülen community project simply backfired. Even Graham Fuller who is the founding father of the community also admitted it.

In this sense, the US and its allies got the greatest political and historical impact from Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin, against whom they were stimulating a coup attack. Erdogan defeated the global parallels and Putin ran them through "Crimea" in the Ukraine.

If life were only to be a matter of discussion, the global parallels would have occupied our free will already through their gigantic media propogandas. On the other hand, hearts are immensum, because they are immeasurable and cannot be aligned.

Turkey is leading the way to the world while reshaping itself in this period where it entered into a "zero game", which centers on the energy in the east Mediterranean, Syria and Iraq.

In this sense, we are having a process of solidarity. We are witnessing the political growth of Turkey which realized its economic development. The peace process, the presidential system discussions, the need for the new constitutional law, more realist and risk taking foreign policy paradigm are the demands of Turkey which levelled up politically.

Those who smirk at Erdogan are even unable to realize how the vision he represents has turned into a gobal vision.Those who gave poses to cameras with dismantled Turkey maps are today breeding hate against Erdogan, because they don"t have any other card to play. Erdogan"s multi-cultural, multi-layered, flexible, trans-national and cross-allegiance-based diplomacy is transforming an "Anatolian country into a global brand and a world state".

Therefore, Turkey does not have an agenda for a geopolitical account or energy equations, but an entity which comes to the forefront with its paradigm in the new world. Turkey, which altered its own definition, also destroys the definition given to itself by the world.

This is what is going on! And life is about what is already going on!


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