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You will miss Erdoğan!

Kurdish politics turned down a historic opportunity and fell into a great strategic plan in the worst period.

While President Erdoğan extended a hand by risking his political life, the ones, who didn't shake that hand, will pay for it severely.

Because, just to spite, they've formed an alliance with the “leader of the parallel structure” who cursed the Kurdish people, by saying “let their fire fall on their homes” during his “Terror and pain” themed panel on October 24, 2011.

History will not forgive this betrayal of the Kurdish politics, which stands shoulder to shoulder with “cursing Gülen” and neonationalists, who desires to turn the Resolution Process into a war process.

However, Kurds and AK Party were representing the pro-change bloc in Turkey with 70% vote rates.

This front transformed into a hope, not only for our country, but also for our region and the Islam world.

However, no one could've guessed that PKK and HDP became mutants enough to act together with the ones who threw their fathers into acid pits.

As the saying goes; they've experienced “mutation lente”.

Those innocent and aggrieved Kurdish politicians, who were pursuing rights, justice and freedom, turned into their executioners in a short time.


They've forgotten this;

In the history of our Republic, Erdoğan was the first Prime Minister to officially accept the Kurdish politics as a respondent.

However, what did Kurdish politics, which is acting with internal and external focuses, do?

They've chosen Erdoğan, who was desperately putting an effort into extinguishing the “Kurdish issue” cause by the arsonist imperial forces, as the target.

As if that's not enough, by siding with the arsonists who caused the fire, they've revolted against Erdoğan.


Similar to the Africans in Herman Melville's (1819 – 1891), the author of “Moby Dick”, novel entitled “Benito Cereno” (1855)

In the novel, revolting slaves capture the ship.

However, having insufficient technical information, they handed the ship back to the British captain.

In a similar way, the Kurdish politics also preferred to obey the Western guardianship, which turns them into slaves and its local tin soldiers, instead of walking towards freedom with Turkey and become Turkish.

Besides, this is happening in a period; where the U.S. and Iran came to terms, and, the strategic value of the Kurds experienced erosion. The Middle East is going through a process, where not only Tehran but also Israel is changing.

Balances and alliances are being reshuffled.

In such a period, putting Qandil aside, it's not reasonable for HDP, who received 6 million votes, to fail in reading this “tectonic change”.


Everyone knows that, the “imperial hegemony” is masquerading with 1,001 faces.

It dresses in different forms in various regions of the world.

It “manifested” itself in Turkey, previously as Ergenekon, then the Parallel Structure, and recently as ISIL and PKK.

This new process does not amount to going back to the 90s.

In those years, when the village evacuations reached the highest level, the foreign media organs, who are now patting the back of the Kurdish politics, were exalting Turkey by referring to them as the “Post- Cold War Warrior”.

I wonder; don't HDP members wonder?

Why does the Western world, which had deepened the war with the Kurds and had given all kinds of support to the parliamentarians in the 90s, objecting to Erdoğan who started the peace process?

Why did they declare war against Erdoğan who made peace with the Kurds?

They've performed every type of dirty scenario in order to put an end to him.

If the Kurdish politics grasped this truth even a bit, there wouldn't have been a problem after all.


However, instead of becoming Turkey/Turkish, the Kurdish politics preferred becoming Iran and Assad with an American logic, and thus intentionally made the resolution impossible.

They've started observing Turkey from Tehran, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Washington and Pennsylvania, instead of Diyarbakır or Qandil.

Thus, they've tumbled down the strategic edge.

However, they should have foreseen that, following the Iran expansion, the U.S. will not have the same need for the Kurds in the region.

However, since they were disconnected from reality, they couldn't think about this.

Besides, they made the mistake of taking on both Erbil and Ankara simultaneously.

With this preference, the PKK and HDP almost destroyed the chance of saving themselves from the grasp of the foreign powers by becoming Turkey/Turkish.


Right at this stage, Turkey's swift response to the ISIL and PKK attacks, which had been simultaneously activated by the senior mind, is also the signal of the new era.

Because, now, Turkey's foreign policy is designated by our interests in the “new geography” that surrounds our political, social and cultural basin.

We can only reach meaningful results if we analyze the reaction to the developments in our region from this angle.

In the new foreign policy, the strategies directed at the economic and energy resources, which finances our political growth, possess a vital importance as much as the “balance between democracy and security”.

In this sense, the operations directed at ISIL and PKK are the protection of our national interests in the “new geography” that extends right now to our border.


Turkey, who has been on defense since the Reyhanlı attack on May 13, 2013, recaptured the move superiority following its recent rebuke.

Before anything else, this move is the indicator that a “safe zone” will be formed in Syria and the U.S. accepted it.

As a matter of fact, this is being clearly emphasized in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If we are to summarize it; Turkey put four important “policies” with its attacks directed at ISIL and PKK outside, and DHKP-C inside.

The first one was the decryption that the Kurdish politics' insincerity exploited the Resolution Process.

While PKK, who declared that they've ended the ceasefire, become criminalized, HDP started marginalizing, despite the 13% vote rate they possess.

Thus, we've moved on to the new stage in the Resolution Process, where the Kurdish community will be regarded as the respondents instead of PKK and HDP.

The second one is; the U.S., who moved on to a different phase in the Middle East following the Iran expansion, started a new process in regional policies together with Turkey.

As for the third one; Washington accepted Turkey's demand for a “safe zone” in Syria.

Finally, cross-border operations destroyed the international disinformation like “Turkey is supporting ISIL”.

The supporters of this dirty claim (HDP, neo-nationalists and the Parallel Structure) had been left in the open.


Let us also remind everyone of this; according to the CEO of the Foreign Policy, Rothkopf, the nuclear agreement with Iran is “just a small piece of the puzzle created by global forces for the Middle East and Turkey”.

Thus, Turkey gave a swift and stern answer to the Suruç scenario, which possesses a more complicated context compared to the Gezi attempt and parallel coup attempts that were activated after the May 13, 2013 Reyhanlı attack.

Thus, Turkey has shown everyone how prepared they are against any kind of “surprise”.

This must be the reason why people, who are attempting an operation against Turkey, especially Erdoğan, were confused about what to do against this jet “retaliation operation”.

Believe me; they will be surprised even more.

Because, everyone will miss the old Erdoğan.

Especially the ones who betrayed him!


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