'We are all Erdoğan!' 'We are all Morsi!' - BERCAN TUTAR

'We are all Erdoğan!' 'We are all Morsi!'

Orientalism (colonist mentality), which is the staff mind of the Western power mechanism, always conducts its actual attacks through tin soldiers.

Similar to how the flagship of the American administration, the New York Times, which calls NATO for duty against Erdoğan, gives the parallel media Zaman and Bugün (Today), and Hürriyet as references.

There's nothing new.

Like in the old days, the “local West admirers” are arm in arm with the Western colonists.

Our present-day “Latifi”s (1491 – 1582); Özkök, Türköner, Belge, Ortaylı, Şafak, Pamuk and Gülen; and the representatives of the Western senior mind; Hammer, Gibb, Golius, Fukuyama, Huntington, Brzezinski and Zizek are once again attacking our country, leader, value and culture, from the inside and outside, from the same position and with the same political motives.

Orientalists like the Dutch J.Golius (1596-1667), the Austrian Von Hammer (1774-1856) and the Scottish Elias W. Gibb (1857-1901), who targeted the Ottoman culture and heroes like Fatih and Abdulhamid (who spoiled the global games of the West), had given biographists like Latifi and Aşık Çelebi, who represented that period's Zaman, Hürriyet, Aydın Doğan and Ekrem Dumanlı, as references.

Whenever they couldn't find references, they made it up themselves.


In their latest edition, The Economist magazine, which is one of the fierce examples of the modern oriental mechanism that follows the footsteps of their ancestors, called the Western world to end the six hundred centuries old tragedy started with the “Fall of Istanbul”, on the occasion of the “Conquest Rally”.

Thus, the magazine scolded the Western forces, who wasted the most positive conditions to acquire Istanbul for the Christian world once again in 1922.

In that same edition, the magazine assimilates the entrance fees paid by the tourists visiting Haghia Sophia to “the blood money Turks take from the Christians”.

On this occasion, we can once again see the historical and cultural roots of The Economist's, who is lamenting about how Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Egypt had been lost during Byzantine Emperor Heraclius' era (575-641) and how the possibility of regaining those Christian regions had decreased after the Seljuk Turks conquered Anatolia and Istanbul, hatred towards Erdoğan.

Because the Western mind is approaching Erdoğan's move to bring Turkey back to its feet again, as an interpretation that destroys the process of Istanbul's transformation into “Constantinople” forever.

They are not completely unfair.

As a matter of fact, during the “Conquest Rally”, President Erdoğan rebuked the West by saying; “until the last furnace burns out and the last flag falls, you will not reach your objectives!”


The West's attacks via their “paid charlatans” with their ideological devices, brings the truth Bernard Lewis was obliged to confess to our minds.

Lewis said; “The West perceives the Islam world with military and geographical codes. When they look at Anatolia, Mesopotamia, the Middle East and North Africa, they see the countries who were once Christian.”

Indeed, the Westerners' “optic rationality-view centric way of thinking” had always been reinforced with a deep “political opinion” regarding how they can regain the geography that had been under Islam's sovereignty.

Thus, they tried/are trying to demonize every leader, who conquered and protected these lands, like Fatih, Selahaddin, Abdülhamid and Erdoğan.


The essence of the colonist mind is hidden in the sentences of Lord Cromer (1841-1917), who had been the Brits' mayor of India and Egypt, in his book entitled “Administration of Nations Under the Control of Guardianship”; “In this world, there are Westerners and Easterners. The prior must rule over the latter.”

Weber also humiliates other cultures in his book entitled “Collective Articles Over the Religion Sociology”; “Only the Western civilization discovered the scientific administration, historiography and sociology. Only the Western civilization developed musical notation with instruments like keyboard, piano and violoncello, and the architectural and printed press. Only the Western civilization established universities, civil populations, parliamentarian democracy and capitalism.”

Weber, whose imperial psychology reach a climax in that article mentioned above, advises the European countries to be all over the lot to “modernize” the world.

This mentality is the stable principle of our present-day Westerner.

This was what we also saw in the strategists of the Pentagon; Fukuyama and Huntington.

Despite being in the fall; the West has not given up on its “imperial arrogance”.

They never believed in diversity, democracy, human right and pluralism.

The liberal understanding, which imposes itself as the universal right, had never shown any tolerance to the “other” other than the “you'll resemble me” racism.

The nature of the liberal capitalism and globalization are both totalitarian; they do not allow any other alternative.

After all, in his book entitled “The Crisis of Europe Science-1936”, Husserl (1859-1938) effectively grounds why the Western people, whose feelings and judgments are injured, cannot approach themselves and their own history with a critical approach.

He emphasizes that, by falling into solipsism, in other words, into a cultural, historic and updated selfishness, the Western mind is denying every reality outside its point of view.

If it wasn't so, the enlightened Western individual wouldn't have drifted into an irrationalism swamp and become a slave of fascist ideas.


In his work entitled “Discipline and Punishment, Foucault explains how the West recreates the subject it regards as the other, and turns it into a “thing” by means of designing it accordingly to their benefits and turning it into an object.

Thus, EU and the U.S. do not make themselves content with dominating Turkey militarily, politically and economically, because their actual target is to format New Turkey culturally for their own projects.

As Octavio Paz stated; “Imperialism does not allow historical normality for other cultures.”

We should know that, the geopolitical consciousness that takes inspiration from the Pentagon and CIA, monitors, dispatches and administers the target countries, not only militarily, but also aesthetically, academically, financially, sociologically, historically and philologically.


If our “intellectuals”, who are being dispatched and administered by the Pentagon, were not slaves of this twisted colonist logic, they wouldn't have made the insolence of accusing Ottomans, who “sacrificed its children” for the perpetuity of the country and nation, of “fratricide”.

Like in Umberto Eco's “Reading Kafka's 'Case' novel as a detective story is equal to exploiting the text, not interpreting. As a matter of fact, it's equal to applying violence to that text.” These words, that our local colonists used, were not enough to refuse the Ottomans.

They also sadistically tortured the values represented by the Ottomans.

Because the orientalist mind had a deep grudge against the lodge culture and dervishes of the Ottomans, who “Turkified” and “Islamized” the Anatolia and Balkans.

In order to inculpate Fatih, they had written volumes of books with old(worn out) letters.

They attempted to take their revenge by displaying Ottoman sultans, and, the dervishes and Sufis, who “Islamized” Anatolia and Balkans, as “cruel, ignorant, simple and wanton people”.

Right at this point, history philosopher Bloch warns us; “It's not sufficient to become aware of the deceit. At the same time, it is necessary to discover the reasons behind it”.


Actualizing Bloch's call and perceiving the world as a whole is only possible by breaking the fake reality imposed on us.

Sometimes, in order to reach the universal from singular and to a de facto reality, we need to reverse the opinions that are said to be unshakeable.

We can only do this by saying; “We are all Erdoğan!”, “We are all Morsi!” or “We are all Indians!”

If we don't, then we cannot beat the guardianship imposed on us as a fate by the Western system.

Without a doubt, while the nature stands a reality outside, the communal life and the political world we are living in is just a fiction; it has been constructed.

They are not constant and untouchable.

As a matter of fact, this nation presented their willpower in April 30th and 10 August 2014, despite all the internal and external attacks, and destroyed the shackles.

Now, this nation will once again achieve the impossible in June 7th.

This is the last war!

As our ancestors say, “Not benefiting from our luck and not using it is wrong.”

Let's not forget; in the future, we will only acquire what we are doing now.


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